MUJ the secret of selling billions of dollars make the product the acme

lead: no logo, advertising, spokesperson, complex color and style, Muji performance is soaring. Its design director describes MUJI’s pursuit of "not so good", but "that’s good."".

Muji is a wonderful case, no logo, advertising, spokesperson, complex color and style, the performance is still soaring: from 2010 to 2012, the global net sales from 169 billion 700 million yen (about 10 billion 780 million yuan) to 187 billion 700 million yen There was no parallel in history. (about 11 billion 920 million yuan), it is the product of what kind of secret



1, insight into consumer demand

2003, MUJI implementation called "observation" of the development plan, the development team will visit the consumer, observe the daily life, and in every corner of the room, and every piece of goods one photo, photos are then submitted to discussion and analysis, in order to tap the potential of consumer demand.

2, change is invariable, use convenience

Wall mounted CD

MUJI today’s electronic products sales champion, designed by Fukazawa Naohito, from the early gold well excavation. The design is different from the regular CD forever "flat", designed by Fukazawa Naohito as the CD square ventilating fan on the wall switch nor is the usual button, but hanging rope.

3, requirements for details, metamorphosis,

standardized display not only requires neat, full, full of impact, but also requires consideration of customer shopping habits. For example, all stationery pen cover must be facing the same direction, all kinds of bottle cap and label cosmetic category must also be hung towards unity, flowers must be the clerk in the height of the board as the ruler of regular cotton, rubbing bath, keep the same level.

4, pay attention to every consumer, demanding perfect

on the performance of the bursting of the management secret in Kimi Masaki’s mobile phone mailbox. One of the most prized emails comes from the Institute of quality products – each customer’s feedback goes directly to its mailbox.

"these are all customers don’t know, they do not know these views, even the president will personally see.". I look at these opinions every minute." Kimi Masaki said shrewdly. The peak arrival of this kind of mail is on Wednesday, the total number of more than 100, there are usually 30 to 50. Some people have accused an air hanger of being brittle and broken by ultraviolet radiation, and some complain that the latest slippers are too small"……

5, environmental protection, moderation idea,

Japan is a country with very few resources, so many of their country’s designs are noted for their minimalist philosophy. Including Japan’s most popular Zen, but also stresses the "minimalist life", as we now say, is "a very simple life", about MUJI>

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