Buying and selling websites in 2010 is not easy

A5 forum as a well-known website Trading Forum, dozens of websites trading every day, the author has also sold six or seven stations in A5 over the past two years, making a profit of more than 20 thousand. But recently the following problems were encountered on the trading site:

, a network has stopped CN domain name domain name transfer, domestic policy changes, in this case, we recommend you choose to register COM, the COM offers 39 yuan / year, compared to the CN domain name preferential 10 yuan, in addition to previously registered CN domain name, suggest that you hold a wait-and-see or give up. Pen station learned from the letter inside the web site, the former upload identity card scanned by the audit passed, you can not transfer.

At present, the domestic

two individual CC domain agents very rogue, I recently traded on the CC domain, the agent didn’t give you out, finally, I am asking about the threat, will give me for the transfer of agents do not turn to the complaint, because I have a lot of websites registered in the agent, the agent can not say this name.

in short, the 2010 trading website is becoming more and more difficult, the domestic Internet policy changes, so many people turn the domain name abroad, and space with domestic, this can be regarded as a wise move. For the CN domain name can not transfer the transfer of the case, I suggest you hold the wait-and-see or give up. This paper by the online part-time webmaster writing are Please indicate the source.

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