From failure to failure the development puzzle of a grassroots website

contacts the Internet for a long time, but it takes a long time to think of doing it yourself. Now do website (Dangyang information network), from a year ago an aimless chat about QQ. That day, I met one of my childhood partners, because I was not interested in learning. I graduated from junior high school and went to work for an advertising company. I started working at the bottom of the outdoor installation. I only know the strong impression he mechanic, a steel bar installation what, rapid movement.

is the work partner, chat to me, he runs a small scale of classified information website. I was surprised at first, and then felt deeply. Maybe I’m used to working eight hours in the company, taking the salary from my boss and chatting with the Internet on the Internet, but I never think of opening my own website. All of a sudden, I want to make a website myself.

thought of doing, the Internet under a set of marine classification information procedures, take frontpage simple change, upload to space. Thanks to Microsoft’s frontpage here, though I won’t be able to program ASP, it’s pretty good for word, and frontpage and word are pretty much the same. In disorderly fashion apply for the domain name (, how much money forget, anyway, is to make friends.

passed it off, don’t know to promotion and publicity. Effect can be imagined, the beginning of a few months, very few people, plus I work is a small city. Later no matter altogether, the emerge of itself and perish of itself.

has been like this for three months. One day, until the background, halo, ah, there are hundreds of thousands of spam messages. Really admire those who send spam information friends, endurance perseverance, that really called cattle B, 1000 a day, mass software. No way, re upload the database, but not a few days, spam is flying all over the sky. Online asked a lot of experts, take a similar seal IP, keywords and so on, basically useless. Really can not stand, do not delete the end, the site down, put up the shutters.

a few months ago, could not stop itch, to find a program to upload, is now the site. There is no spam information, but popularity has not been, I do not know if there is no classification information webmaster, give some suggestions.

‘s failed experiences:

1, have clear goals. Before the establishment of the site, it is best to investigate what kind of station should be done, whether there is competition, what is the direction of development, what is the audience crowd?

2, have perseverance. Perseverance is the truth of achievement for thousands of years, and has changed at all times and in all countries. Not afraid of failure.

3, be thick skinned. This is very important, the site early promotion, rely on is thick skinned, non-stop sales, keep pushing.

4, understand the technology. If you don’t know what you don’t understand, you must be in charge of the person you know. The website technology is a must for success.

5, to have a rich inside

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