How to prevent plagiarism of original articles

We all know that

is important for SEO to optimize the original content, original content regardless of the kind of search engine is friendly, but you have to write the content published by others away, you are what kind of mood, even more frightening is that if your site weight is low, your article has not been included in the search engine. Your article was reproduced, included, get a long time made compulsory labor to others. Good quality webmaster will add your article of the original source, give you a link, and some webmaster even a article links are not to you, just the article when it is their own, you say angry not angry


Shuttle wrote an article the day before yesterday, "social media on the impact of website SEO", today searched the Internet, there are more than 20 websites reprinted, with only a few articles source.

so how do you prevent plagiarism from original content,


increases the inner chain

increase in the chain, can be said to be a gentleman, not against villain, if it is a lazy, then this is still a little bit, reproduced, you can also bring a reverse link to yourself.

article writing personalized

writing can take their name to take, even if this was reproduced, read this article also know who from the original hand, which will gradually bring you popularity, will bring you some visitors.

technology implementation, the article can not copy

is now a lot of articles in this blog can not be copied, but this is not absolute, because if people really want to copy your article, but also through the method of view the source file, but this method can prevent the vast majority of people have copied.

upgrade website weight

promotion website weight this is the most fundamental solution, in general, by gathering others live the site, the weights are not high, as long as your site weight high, your article will be in the front row, even if others copied, reproduced, will not cause too much impact to you.

plus article copyright

In the article

below can you note on the website copyright, such as the Shuttle SEO for the Hebei all, without the consent of the copyright reserved! Can play a warning role, after all, plagiarism is not what a shame, even if it does not give you a webmaster chain, will also note the article from which what, so that readers will understand the article who wrote.

to enhance the popularity of blog brand

improve brand awareness, this is very important for the webmaster, for example, want to learn SEO will first think of Cardiff, ZAC, want to understand the Internet to the most dynamic, will first think of the Moonlight blog, this is the well-known effect, Shuttle also wrote an article "how to create a brand website", interested friends can read.

, Shuttle believes, >

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