From blog to website really feel the bitterness and bitterness of the webmaster

since I just ran a small blog on their own, published a few articles regularly, have a little unusual as a pleasurable occupation life of Internet users.

until one day, a friend who built a website told me that my blog traffic was good (at that time, the amount of browsing was around 1500 per day), you can put in advertising and earn some pocket money. The first time I heard online blog can make money, but I think, yes, yes, usually online advertising everywhere, why don’t I put on a little ah, ha ha, I’m happy!


has learned from a friend that GG and Ali mother, he said that the two best, but GG will pay $100 a month, Ali mother paid, so I put the two application, Ali mother directly through the friend to help me put the Ali mama. Since then, every day in addition to the general Internet of things, I want you to see my mom in advertising revenue, although only one or two money every day, but it was happy to win the lottery two, because I did not pay what, so I just write my blog. GG applied for two times to pass, but my friend said my traffic was limited, to $100 time is too long, or let me do Ali mother’s first, so GG has not put.

put the mom in a month after my first paycheck can finally cash, deduct the service fee after more than 50, cash immediately to Alipay, with their guest links to their charge 50 fee, this is the first time to earn money from the Internet. See 5 dollars a day income on my mom second days ago, in addition to click there I bought yesterday calls of the Commission, on the basis of billing, two pieces of five, my music, so I started to earn a little money to make the guest, write about Taobao store ah in my blog the goods, ah, there are few articles all have been reproduced, because each with my link, then a month income of all more than 150 Amoy, probably for many webmaster is not what, but one of my blog 200 per month (50 AD and 150 of the Tao) I enough to know enough.

may be tasted the sweetness of Wangzhuan website, I started to pay attention to things, especially know PR, oh, my little blog PR was high to 5, at the forum everyone says PR is only 3 4 ah ah, I’m not, think oneself is in high level, but also let me now I feel difficult site.

next month, I was free to write my blog, write some guest recommended articles, but also to promote the exchange of Amoy Ali’s mother made a paste "relaxed experience do guest, making money every day, it became a classic, almost three or four months, also did not sink click down, already have hundreds of thousands, a reply.

originally ziyuzile is also very good, but the last time I saw my friend $more than 100 to GG, he said he GG every month there are more than 100 knife, make me envious, so with his advice I am ready to build your own.

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