Watercress network QA charge Jie Yanbo speech record good steel used in the blade

[CSDN] CSDN TUP reported on the afternoon of July 9th, the eleventh phase of the development of the Internet – architect Salon "in Chinese Institute of Computing Technology Research Report of the layer of hall was held, the event invited industry developed a strong Tencent and watercress guests to share the Internet product development experience, the industry more than 300 technology managers came to the scene. Tencent search operations research management director Li Juan, Tencent R& D project director Jing Wong, the Tencent pet client main program, Huang Zhaoxing, Senior Software Engineer, watercress nets technical director Geng Xinyue, Douban QA director Jie Yanbo delivered a wonderful speech.

QA Jie Yanbo

below is the speech record of Jie Yanbo, director of QA,:

(for reference only)

thank you for coming in today, some experience I first statement Douban, development experience is own way, I want to say is that watercress is an atypical, especially in China, some experience may be useful to you, not by some. Who has any questions during the speech? Please raise your hand directly.

Today my topic is

good use in the steel blade, review the development process of bean in these years, I think we can achieve all the functions of watercress done relatively well in the less popular, a very important reason is that we have been keeping the team culture, a working method for the record industry company. So what I want to share with you today is how to put our best advantage to the best of what should be done.


development process, I never really studied this thing, I think Wikipedia, I saw a big nonsense, the software development process is the process of software development, I find that Chinese software development is built during the development of software products according to user requirements, the two bean which is better? In the development of Limited human resources according to the site need to be developed, watercress until now although we had some handheld applications, but basically all from the applications need to be connected to the Internet, or a Internet Co. One of the most important special Internet Co is fast, demand change too fast, on-line soon, the product manager every day after you, today can not complete the project, but watercress, there is another problem, our staff is relatively small, because we operate some of these technologies have some ideas that we will talk about ideas behind.

so, we summed up the look, I think the culture of the bean development department, entrepreneurial team culture I think there are two very important, so I want to share a very efficiency, we adhere to the efficiency, regardless of work efficiency and development efficiency, this is very important, because it will directly affect the efficiency of your. In addition, team enthusiasm, entrepreneurial team, the development of a thing when the most efficient, when the rate of production, production of good code, a person himself has a special!

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