The choice is to try and to persist We are all seekers

just looked at the A5 above "who used to adhere to this word, polished the webmaster’s will?" feeling great, novice webmaster live in spider inside, SEO veteran let spider live in their own web site above. Because the content and the chain do not have to update themselves, as long as the money on the line. So the webmaster feel tired, new, very painful. Because everything is their resistance, think SEO is difficult, Adsense veteran feel SEO original so simple. With the words I said before: SEO and its simple, simple to you can not imagine, SEO and its difficult, difficult to you can not fathom.

persistence and perseverance are spiritual things, and we are always seekers. Just an attitude, a mental attitude problem. Therefore, the choice is often greater than the effort, persistence and effort coexist, but the choice to abandon the original is painful, because you do not know what the next moment you are about to face. But we still have to choose, because without choice, we never know what we are going to get. We choose our own "coffee". There’s a lot to do. Maybe you haven’t picked your own taste for a while, but you’ll eventually find your own kind of coffee.

coffee, which is more suitable for them, which is his favorite, this requires us to continue to try, maybe you love to drink the flavor of the coffee, maybe you really love the smell of coffee milk. What path does a man choose to go to?. Our webmaster should pay special attention to the choice of methods in the SEO process. If we choose a road of no return, it is likely to be farther and farther away from our destination.

The so-called

veteran, is himself slowly groping to find a set of the most suitable method, but this method is not what you want most coffee? I think many people will not satisfied with their current status, look at their payroll, doing work from dawn to dusk, tired to say also, there is no freedom. But we still have to persist, and continue to progress, to find their own set of measures. We can also find their own advantages, such as you will operate QQ group, you use QQ group to promote, and now micro-blog is fire, we can also use micro-blog to promote their website. The last time I wrote about the departure plan is how to make my Yangzhou SEO Baidu, Google’s first. In fact, soft Wen promotion, so choose your advantage, and then adhere to, victory belongs to you.

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