Five years of experience on how to enhance the cohesion and vitality of the Forum

has done the station for five years, since the beginning of the forum from the start to the present, the forum is still my main line, and during this period, the accumulation of experience is the most about the construction and maintenance of the forum. The forum website has incomparable advantages, including the number of users is intuitive and vivid and active, targeted user groups, rich interactive functions, more embedded plug-ins and games, multiple profit model etc.. All of these make the forum to highlight the core value, which attract a variety of advertising model lies in the quantity and quality of the forum with the user, with a certain field of high quality user forum, so the more the number of users, then its value will be doubled, and this is the forum to become many advertisers choose the basis and the core focus. Therefore, to make a successful and profitable forum, to enhance the cohesion of users and enhance the activity of users has become the key to the success of the forum.

how to use multiple and different ways to motivate and attract users, promoting the cohesion of the forum users, and members of the forum activity is greatly improved, so as to create a high quality and a high degree of active users of the forum, in particular we can from the following aspects:

1. Establish a level of incentive and upgrading system

forum development beginning with its distinctive user group setting scheme is the majority of users, it is undeniable that there are a considerable number of users on its own special forum at the forum in the class, after all this is directly related to the user group permissions to the user as embodied in the forum, the "status" of different grades a member of the group scheme plays an important incentive role in the forum. Therefore, the forum webmaster can rely on the setting scheme of user groups, the formation of a systematic upgrading system by designing different permissions for different levels of users group, to become active and encourage users to create quality content incentive form.

two, the proper use of virtual currencies such as integrals

in forums, in addition to exchange functions, as well as the sharing of relevant content in a certain area, especially for the download of the essence of resources, etc., occupies a very important position in the forum. The virtual currency on the essence of the content download attachments often can be set using internal forum to download, and concrete can be obtained in the form of monetary stimulus forum membership and make different contributions to obtain the integral for all aspects of the forum according to the different characteristics such as invitation to visit, and invited to register and publish original content in the form of post. The proper use of the integration system can not only promote the support of members in all aspects of the development of the forum, but also make it a useful tool for rallying the members of the forum and enhancing the enthusiasm of the members.

three, the organization of the activities of the forum, members of the group

forum is characterized by its powerful interactive features, especially with the current mainstream forums in the various functions of the program is becoming increasingly powerful and perfect, often in the forum cited

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