Discussion on user retention rate of APP

now we often mention how to promote APP development of the user, but many people ignore an important place, it is the user’s retention rate, operators to attract users come through to find the user, come and go, or to the user for the first time, the second do not patronize some users, or to a period of time, back then did not continue to use this APP. This is related to the APP of the retention rate, the general users of the APP have gone through three stages such as the following, that is to let the user can have a love for APP in different stages of APP, even addictive reluctant to give up, thus reducing the number of users in the loss period, then, what to upgrade APP users the retention rate of

need to do?

, first of all, do the basic work of APP, let users fall in love with you at first. We often say good start is half of success, and this rule is also adapted in APP operation, that is to say, if a APP can do relevant basic work, then it is equivalent to half of success. Because if a new user can get a good user experience when using the APP for the first time, then the possibility of the user’s retention will be very high, and the retention rate will be relatively guaranteed. These basic work, we can focus on the following aspects:

1, APP brand influence. In spite of the corresponding brand goods will be slightly more expensive, but the user will compare the product of brand trust, at least when the purchase will be relatively assured, most users is quite willing to pay for branded goods. APP is no exception, any APP, if the brand influence is big enough, then the user will be more pro gaze, after all, good brand services and goods are not too bad, at least most people think so. Just like we’re going to use the mobile client to find takeout now, so are you going to search for Baidu Nuomi, the US, and the APP in the APP store? Are these more famous brands takeout?. Therefore, the greater the brand influence of APP, the higher the retention rate of users.

The interface image of

2 and APP. A good user interface is a face of APP, and its importance is as important as the appearance of a person. So, the APP interface in the UI of the user retention rate will be relatively large, if a APP interface over rough and dull, let a person look and then the user retention rate copycat, it will fall, because the face impression is so bad not to talk about love.

New boot for

3 and APP. Many of the APP mode of operation is relatively easy, the user can quickly get started, but some specific APP may not, for example, APP game is not so easy to get started quickly, so do the APP guide for the novice is a very important link, otherwise the user retention rate directly is greatly reduced. It can be said that the game APP if the day’s retention rate has increased, >

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