Let the user experience to become a website ranking soaring magic weapon

user experience determines the ranking of the site, this view in recent years from everyone puzzled, has become a well-known. But for so long, there are still many webmaster said he just know this "theory", but the user experience in the end need to do what extent is good, then there is no concept.

actually studied various sites in various sectors of the people will find that, in addition to a handful of superb cheating sites, usually row in front of the website user experience is good, the site structure clear, rich in content, the user browsing easy and enjoyable. In other words, users experience good sites, it is easier to get good rankings. Therefore, in the absence of a large number of resources outside the chain, but also SEO is not very proficient in the situation, to find ways to enhance their website user experience, but also can make the site more competitive.

but what kind of website is a good user experience? The user feel good website is! Seems to be very general, when you stand in the user’s point of view the experience of a website, rely on empathy, no longer regard themselves as web site operators but as the user, the user You’ll see. the experience of what is wrong.

users come to your website, is to meet their own needs, is likely to find what information is likely to see some interesting news, may also be purely boring to watch entertainment content. In the user view, the fastest to achieve their purpose, that is a good site. It has the following requirements: first, your site does have the needs of users, even if there is no content that other content to users is as if it were raining flowers, no value; two, the user can quickly find the content, which requires your site layout is reasonable in structure, in order to let the user more easy to find, and not to enhance the user viscosity, improve the user’s access time and deliberately. Do conditioning is very chaotic, causing the user as the maze like fog. Sites that can do both are already qualified in terms of user experience.

But these are just above the

so that the user experience is the most basic requirements, really want to enhance the site’s ranking, in fact there are higher levels of selection, which is in addition to allow users to meet the needs of the original, but also allows users to generate more demand. That is to say, the user comes to your website, need to browse a page only is enough, but he still discover the other page in the website also very interesting, browse more page finally. If your website can do this, it must be a very good user experience site, ranking will not be bad.

Although the

user experience appears to be a theory of things, but always have rules, and is mostly webmaster to enhance a website ranking good choice, after all, has a large number of the chain resources and high quality content sites are in the minority, want to be able to in this case to obtain high ranking, perhaps the user experience really is a good choice.


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