What is the purpose of moving potatoes

3.15, some surprising things happen this time.

Tudou, the first video sharing site, the first video site to announce business models. A team that dares to eat crabs.

so extraordinary events happened on an extraordinary day.

potatoes moving,

video site since its birth, there is no shortage of ups and downs event. This is the first video site —- Tudou in china.

3.15, Tudou on the home page to "center room relocation expansion" as announced that the whole station shut down a day.

3.16, Tudou new center room has been relocated to complete, the page and content can be accessed, but the upload function has not yet opened.

needs to note that, in December 6, 2007, Tudou’s system announcement: December 7th 4:00 am – 6:30, potatoes Telecom room equipment upgrades……

non regular potatoes,

just four months time to upgrade the computer room again, is the development of potatoes really so fast? During this period, some things need to be reflected.

February 24th, according to informed sources, the State Administration of radio broadcasting to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau issued a "punishment tudou.com illegal audiovisual services in the Internet Guantingling" rectification notice of shutting down. The circular pointed out, tudou.com suspicion of pornography and other prohibited broadcast content, and in the video industry "new regulations" after the enactment of this regulation is still inadequate, recently ordered indefinitely shut down for rectification, to watch for.

CCTV announced on February 27th that it will run an Olympic interactive website in collaboration with MySpace China and tudou.

February 28th, according to the Wall Street journal, CCTV announced its collaboration with the social networking site MySpace China and the online video site Tudou to run the Olympic interactive website. Tudou founder Wang Wei said, Tudou and CCTV cooperation is only to CCTV "blog channel" to provide technical support, not to launch related channels.

March 3rd, NetEase technology news, the industry today came news that potato network because of suspected play pornographic information by CCTV suspended cooperation, it is worth noting that this cooperation lasted only a day.

potatoes are great. They’re delicious,

"gun shots, birds" has long become a world class unspoken rules. The crab didn’t eat well, but it became a bird.

3.15 is a busy day for sensitive topics. If the video industry should also join in the fun, then Tudou is undoubtedly the most attention. But for a period of time before the "Regulations" and "rules" promulgated, will inevitably be out of every new year, regulators said that. If the latter is true, then Tudou must be the event

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