Seventy thousand yuan in the Admin5 intermediary buy two months back to the actual combat experience

my name is Feng Shui, last year contact site and SEO optimization, in my efforts to keep the site 8888my 8 consecutive months Baidu first results, deter many sites behind, due to some bad competitors at various means, through the invasion site front, bad shielding Baidu spider IP on IIS, leading to 8888my now dropped to fourth. But before the fall, I was lucky to have sold out. Later, the site was bought by, which was traded at for 71 thousand yuan. It was third at the time of the acquisition. It’s been two months since I’ve been operating on my hands for today. I’ll tell you about my experience from the station,


has just started, the website has not acquired over very smoothly, second days fell to the Baidu website Moyu PW fourth, can be said that the value of the site directly from 70 thousand down to 50 thousand, for the average person may be for the long-term development of a bolt from the blue, but to see, this is a good thing, can let me understand this website the history, what are the disadvantages, how to have next operation, due to poor means before I 8888my the station being used, will cause the Baidu snapshot not update for N days, this time, I suddenly thought of the IIS query log, I found all the records in the log Baiduspider on all 403, help in the IIS I, inquire into the 403 representatives refused to visit the client IP! I suddenly see light suddenly, they still use the old way to harm! I’ll contact the space business, if not So, in front of the IIS, found the ACT access control list, a lot of IP, which I found in the reference log all Baidu spider IP, were immediately removed, because these operations is not open to the public, second days snapshot recovery, perhaps these move alarmed the hacker! The next result is more serious. In the purchase of the website for fourth days, the entire program site is deleted, homepage is directly linked to horse, on the verge of death or destruction due to previous ranking! Do stand experience every day, do website backup! Immediately restore the entire site program, then from the website is the problem to solve a whole night time, because advertisers are involved in trading, to compensate customers advertising time is really a serious loss ah!. Experienced breathtaking scenes, I reason a lot, it seems others sites, when you received over the check and space security bugs!! because my website using the cluster set. The website with the background are two independent servers, and intermediate layers of Taiwan shunt shared server, I couldn’t go to see the entire web server architecture! But the only thing I can do is the most effective way to close all possible permissions for network security crisis! Stand independent! Background of the privacy settings, not open up! Let the website security down completely, after a few days and nights of fighting, finally found a secure website, this time, ranking has fallen from fourth to seventh


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