Don’t waste your precious time on content

picture website depends on what success, now do QQ station, resource station rely on what success, has been thinking about this problem. A few days ago, I did two websites, a QQ station and a picture station. Now analyze the two sites.

two sites, because they are new to do, are using DEDE, no collection, all hand added. QQ station added more than 200 data, picture station price, a little more than 100 of the data. Now two sites have been included in the Baidu, the effect of it, look at the flow. Difference is big, picture station flow is more than 3000, QQ station flow is more than 20, look at statistics. QQ from search to the general is also some of the long tail keywords, and some are more than a dozen words. I go to the MM picture station, traffic is focused on the comparison of keywords, search what beauty, what MM, and MM to search the key words, this words give me a day to more than 100 IP ah, it is really funny. May be because my domain name is like this, it seems that the domain name is also a certain role in optimization, the best is to play a domain name with keyword. Found some to see, two web pages included, QQ station included more than 80 pages. Picture station SITE: look at it, just a home page, think about it. The picture stands are generally the main picture, search engine spiders and does not know the picture, look at the content of the page, a few search engines do not know of the image, is advertising, advertising content, this page search engine included? It’s no wonder why seeing so many pictures stand why only included the home page.

through a comparison of the two sites I found, want to do these new QQ station, is generally there are few short popular keywords like QQ code, QQ expression, QQ skin like keyword ranking, not how to do these rankings, we only do, make a site with a lot of the contents of the search engine included a lot of content, even some very popular keywords, because I was relatively large, the total flow is more objective. But the picture station is different, because most of the content page is less than the advertising content, search engine is not included, also included is included a home page, so the picture station want flow on only by keyword ranking, the page keyword ranking row up, you have the flow, content how much is not important, of course, every day to update the content on the website is to help search engine.

you can look at my website, my content still less than 200 articles, now updated daily are one or two, but because there are good keywords ranking, so traffic can still be. Do not want that QQ station, and now only a little more than 20 of the traffic. Next, my plan is to enrich the resources of QQ station, and hope that the amount can be accounted for some of the cheaper. Through my analysis of the two stations, I suggest you do QQ resources like this

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