What exactly is SEO For the station novice

when he started thinking about the past is really a bit ridiculous, remember their first real can be called the "web site" is a movie, is a movie the most simple navigation station, just a few pages of content, what is what movie court, was himself assumed. People looking for movies from the Internet will be able to find my website, did not know what is "SEO", then the intention now accurate description should be: want to let others in Baidu search "movie website" when you can find my site! You said I was the movie website funny? A keyword, how widely, for the novice to do this keyword is really the result of course is day dreaming! Ended in failure, this is the first time to fail, but the failure is not really Recognizing the crux of the problem, that is to say, has not yet understood what SEO is all about, simply thinking that the station was not doing well at that time. Then stopped for a period of time, the intermediate intermittent enrich yourself, also contacted a number of so-called SEO things, gradually recognize the point: is just beginning to do keyword selection flow cannot stand, so the amateur also made a stand, is about the beauty of the Lord. Keywords remember choose "beauty knowledge", and "compared to the keyword movie website", the daily traffic is much lower, the competition is relatively less, beginning when the keyword is also ranked in the first page of Baidu, is very happy for a while, but then do not know how to maintain ranking and increase the weight of the website, just copy and paste blindly, ranking natural came down, plus the website does not have profit point, will lose the power station to do so, and a website Yao Fold it,


later, one after another, do a few stations, learning and research of SEO technology and constantly, until today deeply realize that SEO is a big course, is not a short duration of time to master it, in fact, the research is to study the SEO search engine and how to comply with the rules of it, is actually how to do research station the engine can be recognized, my final opinion is: do stand as the person, to really. Simply do not stand to deceive people, to really consider the user experience! Can let users really feel your station brings useful things to him, this is the real SEO! Don’t think SEO is speculative reason. Only truly understand this, you can do a real good! Why can achieve such great success of HAO123, it is the key to the user experience in the first place, is in a convenient user and starting from a website, and do not take into account what SEO ah what ranking, but it is the flow of tumultuous fierce and come, and eventually bring a site navigation time! So here today in my personal experience to tell the station novice: don’t believe SEO must do "good" with my new station! A small station: the most effective weight-loss drug -http://s.www.taobao165.com you you can reference a >

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