From despair to reverse 300 thousand annual salary master entrepreneurship selling teaHappy CPM pr

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

why do I make organic tea,

at the very beginning, when I said that I was going to sell tea, my family was very opposed to it. I felt that I was doing a job with a high salary and a decent job. I don’t have any prospects for doing this kind of traditional low-end industry. And I want to be a brand, a food safety for the demands of the brand, tea is my starting point, with my family described my plan, the family also slowly support.


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usually likes tea, a friend gathering and chatting. One of his friends is an old tea fan of ashes. He told him that he has already given up drinking tea.

introduction: an enterprise engaged in strategic management of the young master to give up 300 thousand annual salary, excellent work, rolled up his pants venture to engage in organic tea, behind the hope is the bloody reality.

hopeful preparations for

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was a learning tyrant when he was a child. He was rebellious after high school. He reluctantly applied for the University Chinese department. Later he transferred to graduate school to study for postgraduate entrance examination. His mathematics achievement was 147/150, and he was one of the millions of postgraduate entrance exams. After graduating from graduate school, I worked as a strategic management in a private 500 and a 100 billion enterprise, and then worked as a management consultant in Shanghai.

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update time: 2008-1-21

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at the beginning of the year to give up 300 thousand annual salary jobs, entrepreneurship began selling organic tea, started to give up the angel financing, hopeful of preparation, but the reality is bloody, the first two months only one order, because partners can not see the future, had to leave, only one person to insist on hard, but it is difficult to to restore the situation, the regression line in despair, on the circle of marketing, finally open up the situation, the successful implementation of the big reversal.

becomes an expert in that field and will discover that as a machine’s components repeat what happened yesterday, without end. Have a business plan, dream et al, must take advantage of young, brave to live, I don’t want to regret when old said, my life light, no what memorable and proud.

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said I was shocked, he said they now there are a lot of farmers do not drink their tea, a lot of tea in order to increase production, a lot of pesticide, when insects, every week to fight again, exceed the standard of pesticide is very serious.

early in 2014, give up about 300000 annual salary job opportunities, began organic tea entrepreneurship.

After years of work, !

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from then on, when I saw tea, I always felt a strong feeling of pesticides in it. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder could not afford to hurt themselves……

but I can’t quit tea? So I find that organic tea without pesticide use, it is hard to find, so I was thinking, why don’t I go to sell the 0 pesticides organic tea? Then I will become the selling tea.


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