Why do VCs suddenly favor content marketingYue Lingxiao crazy Taobao customer model is very import

is a Taobao. I’ve earned two money, once a friend wants to buy a cell phone, and then he’s looking for it in a Taobao store. I told him I would like to try Taobao, whether it’s true or not, of course, but after he paid it, there was a lot more money in my account. This is the first money. The second sum of money is what I want to say below, and the distortion of Taobao’s customers.

editor’s note: author Jay Acunzo, currently vice president and platform director of NextView Ventures venture capital, worked at HubSpot, Dailybreak, Media and shlf1314.

I’m really wrong.

NextView Ventures is a venture capital organization investing in the seed phase, with investment in the Internet and mobile technology companies. In 2014, NextView Ventures decided to become Boston’s first hired "platform" vice president of venture capital institutions. "Platform" is a vague description of the content, marketing, and many other corporate support projects by investors. facts have proved that the word "marketing" is not high enough in the industry, and it is inconsistent with the need, until now. See the post for more details.

an online shoppers buy something you think is the first search, see how much money ah, there are some security techniques to buy skills ah, ah, now young people to buy things, Taobao, Tesco, Dangdang, pat, what. But I don’t want to buy anything directly from Taobao. I think this is a unrealistic place, especially now some of the novice, in doing now is using templates, and then add products, that is, do rank, post. So what is almost no effect, because this site is more surprising. We don’t need to waste this time, if you do not own the characteristics I think is not live, a lot of people think the promotion of Taobao shop, crown shop set website, I am very optimistic about this one, or that is only a kind of can still exist. Because we all know that the risk of online shopping is more and more big, such as fraud and every day more surprising, so we all want to go to some high credit, many sellers shop to buy things, so it was derived that the crown shop ranked Taobao customer site. I think these stations are still very good flow.

venture capital

trend 1: the success of the early VC owners

The word "

to know if a startup can succeed, so venture capitalists often refer to years of performance rather than just a few quarters when they analyze results. This logic also applies to the investigation of the powder absorption of the blogger

The development trend of

seems overnight that peer firms are hiring jobs such as "platform director" and "content and community marketing executives.". Unconsciously, I found myself in a new hot trend in the venture industry.

off once I was right, but then grew more and more wrong to give up, perhaps I thought OK, I just talk about their own views, today any similarity is purely coincidental. If offended, please forgive me.

finally, NextView found me. I was in HubSpot, the company that was in charge of content marketing, and before that I worked with shlf1314 and the digital media department of a local start-up. They took a fancy to my rich content marketing background, and I saw it as a special case.

in 2015, when it comes to entrepreneurship, another word is bound to appear: content. From big companies to start-ups, everyone in the venture capital industry seems keen on this, from former CEO to professional investors.

suddenly, all of the risk investors seem to find and respond to the same two trends: peer popular blog success; invest in outstanding entrepreneurs in the increasingly fierce competition, most of them in the capital is not sufficient conditions to start the Internet business.

let’s take a look at these two trends.

" means a lot of quick, decisive reactions in the entrepreneurial world, from good without my investors, without today’s me to a little bit more.

It may take years for

how did I know that? Because this new fact is the only reason why I have a job.

About Taobao

Taobao, Taobao should be a very important way to promote, from some people say that after Ali mother get rich, do Taobao customers are roaring waves ah, just go to a site, Taobao custom advertising is everywhere, which is the premise of the Alibaba does not require any costs, and these costs can be that is the fish out of the shop, we should note that the store money is still a prerequisite, that is to sell products, not only to make the store, pay for the lecture. Our webmaster can, sometimes, maybe transfer some money, and they won’t lose anything. This has entered a virtuous circle, of course, as a spectator, I think the biggest gains are Alibaba’s Taobao. Without any money, it got a flood of advertising. But what I want to ask is, how much do you earn for Taobao?

venture capitalists.

sister to buy a birthday gift, a phase called the star light ah what the name of things, is a small tortoise doll can reflect many stars in the sky at night is very beautiful, I am on a whim, the mom in a central desperately to find some businesses, and then sent to their blog., click to buy things, and then collect the point of advertising, this is the last point I want to. Li >

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