Why do say that in physical entrepreneurship women’s soft thinking is more importantSprig which

"the transformation of the times is in line with women’s characteristics." Drucker, the managing guru, said.


takeaway industry has a bright future

in the sports industry, women are not only a brand marketing strategy and a variety of "Sports Baby" consumer goods, they are the industry’s indispensable "right brain"". In the hormone rich sports industry, the left brain is developed enough, and the right brain is in a deformed state of development, so only the left and right brain synergy, the sports industry is complete.

Sprig was founded in November 2013, the two major financing has been: $10 million in 2014 financing, as well as the $45 million financing in 2015. The previous round of financing led by Greylock Partners, the latter round of Greylock, Partners and Social + Capital joint lead.

so do we. So, from the end of last year, I gave the HR responsible for the recruitment of a death order, we recruited girls first, at the same time, I am also looking for a female partner. This person is important to our future strategy, business thinking, thinking patterns, and so on.

this is a typical "right brain" development defect. According to the division of human brain, the left brain is mainly responsible for logical thinking, such as memory, time, reasoning, etc., and the right brain is responsible for image thinking, including art, art, music and other aesthetic and creative affairs. Therefore, the left hemisphere of the sports industry has been sufficiently developed, the hormone is very strong, and the lack of women’s status has made the right brain in abnormal development".

news today, foreign media reports, the U.S. takeaway enterprise Sprig announced closing. Sprig sent an apology message to the user.

below is the message Sprig sends to the user:

the food and beverage industry is hard to do, especially when you need to deal with every aspect of the entire eating experience, including buying ingredients, cooking food, and finally distributing it to the user. In this mode, the workload is too high.

I think I have a problem. Here is not about freedom, equality and discrimination, when the wind of an industry in a straight cancer masterpiece, everywhere surrounded by strong hormones, up through the air.


is changing, and the combative rivalry of the past "show muscles" has entered the stage of cooperation. In this case, women’s soft thinking plays a crucial role.

is reported that Sprig closures are expected to affect 200 employees, including part-time employees. Employees will receive a severance package, but the most important thing now is to help employees find new jobs in other companies.

dear partners and users:

said, Sprig’s bankruptcy is not too unexpected. Over the past few months, Sprig has tried many interesting development strategies. For example, it opened its own kitchen in Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, and even began delivering takeout through the Caviar another online ordering website. Sprig was blocked in Chicago, where 7 people were laid off last July, and services in the region were suspended.

"sloth changed!" "sloth bear discrimination!" issued in our recruitment, many users such a joke to protest.

today, my co founders and I are in a great mood to announce the official closure of the application." Sprig CEO Gagan Biyani wrote in an e-mail, "for those users daily food ordering in Sprig, we apologize to you; for the entire company will affect the team members fail, we also apologize to you.

Sprig and other takeaway companies are different, it cooks food and distribution to the user, commitment delivery time is not more than 20 minutes, generally around $10 per meal. Previously, the company received a total of $56 million 700 thousand financing. However, Sprig is not the only one to fail the takeaway. Earlier this month, Maple, a two year old Manhattan takeaway company, closed its doors, and San Francisco Bay takeaway SpoonRocket and Ola in India collapsed. At the same time, private kitchen ordering platform Munchery also caught in the cracks, and perhaps soon it will join the collapse of the army.

The world of

but I know better than anyone, the world is changing, the past good show by militants against muscle "has entered into the phase of cooperation, in this case, plays a crucial role in the soft thinking of women. In other words, if an industry cannot contain and a large number of women entering it, this is the primary industry, the sports industry right cannot increase more imagination under the condition of sports can not really called industry.

we also see that women’s consumption has never stopped in the sports industry. Women’s marathon has become the "pink movement" which organizers cannot dare to despise

if you’re going to order on Sprig, you might be out of luck, because this app is closed today.

not only in a sports business occasions, almost all men sitting together are men, they speak without scruple, loud voice, exaggerated expressions, and occasionally mixed with stale Huang Duanzi’s taste. Although some does not adapt, but the sports industry is the case, some partners of many sports entrepreneurial companies are all men, including the sloth bear sports are four partners, we are all water lords.