The remaining king Taobao shopkeeper share the mental processChinese catering entertainment network

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

I’ll send it back to the customer right away. I’ll change it, and the express charge will come from me. ‘it doesn’t matter,’ she said. ‘it won’t be that troublesome. She and I said "no, if it does not change, how do I see you oh". Later, she told me, the words made her feel that I was treating her in a way that treats my friends, which made her feel very warm.

because the goods are all my own choice, most of the quality can be guaranteed, but sometimes due to negligence, the procurement was not careful, and got defective products. Say, the first time I get defective or store the largest shipments, it is national day, took a group of women, more orders, work during the day, at noon and in the evening packing, morning delivery, the guests get nasty so not every guest check, after receipt of the goods directly play money. Until later, I chatted with the customer once in a while without mentioning that there was a small hole in another dress, and I realized there was a problem.

    catering industry teamed up website marketing analysis of the market:

With the accelerating pace of


the following advice is for the enterprise’s existing works, not on the final works of negation!

Second, the website program can be used easily and dynamic network version to do, or directly to beautify the two procedures, because the current domestic site program of the company, the two is the largest, PowerEasy is a professional website subject, dynamic network is a community forum. The main website architecture can refer to "a net".

actually, I was not particularly to the opening of train, as a result, because when the financial crisis just involved in Taobao industry, only a part-time, after all, a belly to eat. I am directly to their city in the wholesale market to pick goods, mainly that they see the truth, try to grasp the source of the product, but also to avoid buyers return. On the other hand, as the seller, if you don’t know the details of the products, and introduces how to buyers admire? Chaos is not my style, later proved that my choice is right.

as a small shopkeeper in Taobao, have the same feeling and many comrades, now the business is more and more difficult to do, especially from the line of Taobao mall, Taobao has begun to adjust the baby ranking, a lot of things happened, let these small sellers once produced "Tao". One day, a celebrity said, do one thing is very easy, it is difficult to do the same thing every day.

for the seller will want to give the store, but still chose to adhere to. Now, my shop has also adhered to the cold winter, although it can not say that ushered in the spring, but also basically can solve the problem of food and clothing.

in fact, some of my comrades will ask me why I don’t advertise, repeat customers and new customers, but the trick is to treat your customers as a friend. >

for each customer, I did not say, take to sell approach to their inquiries, but often ask customers usually wearing habits, clothing size by reasonable recommendations, most of the time, I recommend the product price is actually more than original customers choose more low, so that customers will say I am "strange", I would like a businessman, and they said, it is not afraid of things that are not satisfied, I find it. The same way, and my customers are basically old customers brought, relatively speaking, or stable.