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at this time, sing, in Beijing, Sanyuanqiao, near the office and rented a room, team members reached about 40 people. Products sing, but also ushered in a landmark moment. By September of last year, more than one hundred million users were active, with more than 30 million active users each month. This score from May 31, 2012 to sing, on-line only 16 months.

one, company profile:

$2.5 PP/AP

, it’s hard to imagine that an old programmer who doesn’t like singing or singing is not good enough to see how fashionable the designer can make such a product. If we go deep into the Internet business rules look, Chen Hua should be successful: as a member of the grade 2005 Internet business, he founded the online travel website after cool news, can not find the business model, income growth is slow, layoffs fell after 2009, joined Alibaba to search, 2011 turnover from the Alibaba started to move electricity providers finally, launched a sing.

last November, when he went to see CEO Chen Hua, he found he was out of the station, and this time he had an independent office space. Previously, he had been sitting close to the door, a bit like the company’s "front desk."".

says that when the ad is clicked, you can continue clicking on the next ad.. The clicked ad icon will turn into an intermediate line to indicate that it has failed. This design is interesting.

by the end of 2011, Chen Hua set up a new company, started doing mobile end buy products. Because the user’s shopping habits have not yet formed in the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal is not smooth, returned to the PC end the search Amoy shopping coupons, doing business. Later found the Amoy network attractive to users did not imagine so strong, Chen Hua abandoned the coupon business.

2, above the first point of the page, Register opens the registration page and fill in the form:

"our understanding of the Internet electricity supplier is not enough, the product growth rate is not expected." >

point Login, enter your account name, password and verification code, click the Enter button below, landing


can not find a business model, poor income, layoffs…… In 2008, Beijing announced to abandon the original route of transformation of online travel, Chen Hua and another founder Wu Shichun has had to leave.

each click is 1 cents, for the first time 2.5 dollars can apply for payment, and NeoBux, as instant payment, just started new station, to join the fast! Super recommended!

2005 is a meaningful node for the China Internet Corporation. This year, the birth of many companies, such as 360, everyone, tudou where to go, the 58 city, car home, and Chen Hua founded cool news.

two, payment:

eight years pioneering journey

then wait for a 30 second countdown.


note that this station mailbox does not support 163 or 126. You can fill in the Hotmail mailbox.


, Chen Hua said confidently, "over a year, after singing with YY, everyone, and many other competitors, PK," sing, and begin to be the undisputed first."

click My Account to see your income. Click on an ad to get $0.01:

as shown above, we just need to click the line of the English alphabet, every time, and then there’s a new page:

and others have been listed compared with the era of start-up companies, kuxun interpretation of the curve for a landing "hot money", to train the search started, one year into tens of millions of dollars, but only three years suffered real setbacks.


sing a Chen Hua "accomplish the whole task at one stroke", draw after entrepreneurship, investment and financing, operation, management and even MampA lessons, all experience into sing, and avoid the risk and the reef can be expected. But still ahead is not smooth, the product operation, allowing trial and error, commercial issues in sight.

three, offline deduct a percentage: 50% register to complete, contact me :454527025.

five, how to make money:

four, how to register:

click on the Surf Ads above and click enter to see the following interface:

fill in the registration information, click the Enter button to submit registration, you can log on directly without activation,

1, registered address: easyflowup/register.php, r=holyfool as my downline, according to my supervisor, many are not on-line and will probably be K at the time of payment.

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