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February 2014, according to media reports, the Singapore bitcoin trading platform First meta CEO Autumn Radtke, 28 year old beauty before Dutch act dead, Dutch act for an unknown reason.

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January 2013, a specialized sales of children’s environmental health products on-line company Ecomom went bankrupt, the boss of start-up companies Jody Sherman Dutch act, a few weeks after the shop put up the shutters. In June, the new owner took over the business and reopened.

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but such enthusiasm must face all sorts of uncertainties. For entrepreneurs, their job is "making nothing out of nothing", so that people believe that they can start from the 0, from their ideas began to produce results. "The process of building a start-up company is the process of building trust – building trust with investors, partners, customers, media," Weddepohl explains".


entrepreneurship. What we need to do is to take a rational view of the dark side of entrepreneurship".

and Sherman suicides happened almost simultaneously, as well as news of suicide by Internet rookie and network active politician Aaron Swartz.

Andreas, a co-founder of


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business with the glamorous side compared to these undoubtedly constitute a dark side of entrepreneurship, but also make people think that, although very international entrepreneurship in concept, but in fact most members are young white male. There is also concern that the explosion of software start-ups could lead to a new wave of business.


when these entrepreneurs were asked, why should bear such a tough entrepreneurial process, no accident will get their enthusiastic answer, such as the Holland CEO Daan startup Peerby Weddepohl said, "because I want to change the world". In fact, this is not an empty talk, and if Peerby works well, Weddepohl can really create new markets for the neighbor’s idle consumer goods.

The unbearable weight of

, an online bespoke clothing business in London, explains that a large part of a startup is an advertising hype: "everything sounds good, but in Klinger"


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although these alone are not enough to show that the proportion of suicides among entrepreneurs is higher than those in other high-pressure industries, a series of events have aroused rare reflections in the entrepreneurial world. Jason Calacanis, a senior entrepreneur, raised questions in a blog about whether the pressure of being an entrepreneur and the pressure to lead the team toward progress somehow contributed to their deaths."

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