To start a business choose the joint office or incubatorHow to open a shop to make money how to op

from planned economy to market economy, from the Internet to the mobile Internet, the changes of the times, a wave of beach goers one after another, burst out amazing creativity, conveying Everfount blood for development of the social productive forces

shop to start their own business!No

is sold to buy there, there is a demand to address the needs of the development of Taobao in recent years, so many users have defected to the Taobao store, so the professor novice shop also became some people’s occupation, and the software is developed in such an environment

– it doesn’t hurt,

in the past two years, the domestic consumer market has been drying up, and China has ushered in a new upsurge in entrepreneurship.

and so as to seize the key

as a start-up small business, in the face of paid products, it is necessary to use iron abacus bar,


is still over the years to be what a headache? There is no suitable work, no favorite venture, without too much cost, over the years and have dizzy spells slowly, decide on what path to follow? As Taobao

experience does not matter, does not promote it anyway, two thousand dollars can open a virtual recharge shop, there is a special teacher taught a knowledge, video more hundreds of promotion methods, free of charge, don’t believe a pie in the sky, is really able to do

Abstract: "incubator" has three treasures: Office infrastructure, advisory advice, financial aid, everything is good. But there are many seemingly profitable things, and the answers are often reversed……

is not free.


entrepreneurs from self-employed to partner from vendors to hit off, no one not in business CEO shiny coat…… Work like a dog and live like a dog.



of course, that’s all……

Xiaobian to come to the experience of people tell you: high quality incubator really can play the role of resource docking, entrepreneurial counseling. But the incubator of low price is sometimes only a concept of packaging, start-ups and small enterprises is difficult to distinguish the quality of the incubator, rush into danger, a talented man finds his ability unrecognized. More money saving entrepreneurs with high expectations settled in these incubators, eventually only in exchange for a desk and an ordinary office computer.



business incubator and has joint office of their own value, but for the majority of entrepreneurs want to spend money to do business, it is not as good as the incubator cheap a few handy "equipment"

discount!In addition to the powerful

business incubator has three treasures: Office infrastructure, advisory advice, financial aid, everything.

all is for the novice, novice can as soon as possible to be familiar with Taobao, familiar with the shop with the steps and processes, is the introduction of teacher management mode, the superior subordinate agency business support agency. In order to solve the problem of difficult to purchase, slow delivery, is to launch a smart recharge, recharge channels with other functions, automatically connected each virtual operators recharge gateway, to solve the problem for users to purchase. While offline hosting, automatic identification, automatic drain single up single, 1-5 minutes arrival and other functions, then let the virtual recharge shop can be higher than the real sales shop ten times or even a hundred times faster to enhance the credibility, so that the shop can quickly rise drill, attract more customers.


simply said, "incubator" role is to gather resources, integration, to help start-ups grow rapidly, while the so-called "joint office" pay more attention to office space, culture and community building.

in addition to functional advantages in start-up costs, is the advantage is very obvious, a common version of the software, only 300 yuan can have 7*24 hours automatically recharge the Taobao shop, also can shop at the same time in the pat network. And a $500 version of the VIP software, in addition to all the features of the ordinary version of the support, also supports offline life free hosting, can also recharge 24 hours without the need to open the computer, and has multi-channel automatic deployment of recharge resources, to recharge faster, more stable performance, at the same time without the support of real product distribution and Android, apple mobile phone control. As for the 1000 yuan of wealth version of software, the function is more powerful to perfect, all functions not only have the VIP version, you can also enjoy the fastest speed and the maximum recharge recharge preferential, preferential fee can be up to 2.5% off, this is the other a recharge software can match the


lots of seemingly profitable things, but the answers are often reversed.

years later, it is better to open online shop

!The so-called

good resources, not necessarily you can live in hold, entrepreneurial counseling is not necessarily tailor-made for you, regardless of the choice of incubators, or joint office, and finally have to return to the essence, implemented.

fortunately, the dream of entrepreneurs to stimulate further evolution of the market, the birth of a new business model, that is, last year’s "entrepreneurial incubator" and "joint office" C2C model.

function mentioned above and low start-up costs and the humanized promotion model, agents and sales of software is also a very good business projects, each software 70% agency commission is indeed not a small temptation. But in the proxy software before, I still suggest that you first learn how to use the rack opened a shop automatic recharge! Plus I can not understand 381713669>

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