Even the storm rooted in the terminal venture capital write romanceWeChat domain name arbitration Ap

2012, WeChat launched a web version of the interface, has opened two domain name next., and then rejected, to use weixin..

2015, with the full flowering and application of WeChat

WeChat case special and controversial where,

Weixin is a special case, the disputed domain name registration time is 2000, the WeChat Weixin registration time is in 2011, but the disputed domain name registration period change several times, the last change in June 2015, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization rules WIPO Overview 3.7 domain name registration update as new registered domain name in Asia Dispute Resolution Center ruled according to this rule, such disputes of domain name registration time into June 2015.


"Encounter" between

by the end of 1998, an accidental opportunity, even difficult contact with a mobile terminal brand predators, told her about the origin of mobile terminals, development and future trends. Say goodbye to the friends after her long hard on this matter, the research on the mobile terminal, along with the rapid development of the market in China 1999 mobile terminal, she excited – aware of the opportunity to come! So, do not hesitate to quit the enviable bank work, resolutely decisively founded her first company. Chengdu Hua Hui communication equipment Co. Ltd., and agents of the high-end brand Nokia, Motorola mobile phone sales in the provinces of Southwest Chinese, to get involved in the mobile internet terminal industry.

and mobile terminal

this kind of domain name case many complaints, such as Mengniu telunsu of telunsu, for the Alibaba of haitao. In the case of the defendant Wang telunsu in the disputed domain name has been registered as commercial use, and published the "Deluxe" trademark transfer on the web, and Mengniu constitute unfair competition; and in the case of Haitao Alibaba and there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the haitao of the disputed domain name rights, the defendant has no malicious registration and the use of the domain name dispute, the final against the Alibaba.

Abstract: she is not only a successful investor, but also a successful entrepreneur, and a loyal fan of "terminal". Even since the "meet" mobile terminal in 1998, it has forged an indissoluble bond with them. She believes that the future is their own, and has been rooted in the sales and research of mobile terminals and intelligent terminals. Today, she not only created a few of their own companies, but also led the Hongkong TEM Mobile Limited internationalization, and Qualcomm reached a cooperation.





in December 1, 2015, Tencent Inc filed complaint with weixin to the Hongkong Secretariat of the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre, and in January 29, 2016 the Central Committee decided to transfer the domain name to Tencent Inc. February 16, 2016 Beijing Haidian court official said micro-blog, now Beijing is approaching weixin domain name holder Network Technology Co. Ltd. Mr. Lee sued for confirmation and have the right to use the domain name, the Haidian court has accepted the case.

in 2013, for the internationalization of Tencent, spend millions of dollars to buy WeChat English wechat and built a station, the domain name has officially become the WeChat overseas version of the official website, the user can choose the language, such as Japanese and English, but Chinese or simplified jump to weixin..

Nafangwang hearing the reporter had the honor to interview Ms. English together even today, Tina, a native of Szechuan, graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1990, industrial economy, finance double bachelor, is a Curve Wrecker beauty. After graduation, with the meaning of family, the inauguration of the ICBC Sichuan branch, this period as the bank’s representative, in Chinese liquor industry leading enterprises — Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye winery, after 8 years to assist enterprise restructuring, and in 1998 on the city.


domain name was registered in 00 years, WeChat 11 years came out, 15 years was bought, WeChat four years have gone where

‘s current crisis is a low-key smart terminal, investing in big coffee, TEM, Mobile, Limited, chairman, CFO, Hongkong. Is also a precipitation of wisdom temperament, beauty entrepreneurs, years seems to have accumulated wisdom in her, but forgot to give her age.


then get out of hand, 2001, and the establishment of the Shenzhen Mongolia Bao Industrial Co. Ltd., the investment involved in the design, TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd Mongolia bao’ou series product development, construction and is responsible for the nationwide distribution network, 2003 TCL to Mongolia bao’ou series product sales reached 10 billion yuan. After another with Konka, Haier and ZTE and other brands, these brands made part of the product of the total agency, built a nationwide network for mobile internet terminal products, then up to a new level.


with the gradual rise of smart products in the country, in order to have a more comprehensive grasp of intelligent terminal product technology, and even difficult from 2>

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