Fifth Street Mall welcome new year sales award is not cappedZhongguancun unicorn enterprises over 40


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3, Spring Festival health care products gifts big recommendation, health, vitality,

bonus limit low starting point, not capped,

2: double sales, cash red envelopes also doubled, not on the top!

cash! panic buying! !

leading innovation wave of entrepreneurship

activity time February 1, 2008 – March 31, 2008

, 5 Fifth Street mall selling products market! 3 fold


industry leading enterprises, colleges, high-end talent, angel investment and entrepreneurship, financial innovation incubator, creating an entrepreneurial culture organization, six core elements, as well as the market, the rule of law and policy three environment, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial ecology.

1: Alliance members, where the monthly effective sales of 500 yuan, in addition to the Commission of the Commission, Fifth Street

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to thank the vast number of union members over the years on the Fifth Street Mall support and help, Fifth Street Mall


mix the circle, mix the business cards, mix the meeting place and see the investors…… Occasionally, I can meet some entrepreneurs who have rushed to the stage and become familiar with their faces. Zhongguancun has given some people a rich, open and inclusive platform and opportunities. These platforms and opportunities, it is the most direct manifestation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Zhongguancun.

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July 2015, twenty-first Century, Business Herald reporter passed Zhongguancun, Suzhou Street, less than 50 meters at least 8 yards to send gift booths, just out of the subway, there will be young people welcome. At that time Zhongguancun O2O venture climax period, every entrepreneur wants to become the next "unicorn" in Zhongguancun, every day in Zhongguancun, hotels, cafes, bookstores throughout the entrepreneurship salon, and venture roadshow.

as the country’s first high-tech zones, more than 20 years, led several waves of entrepreneurship in china. Double era, Zhongguancun entrepreneurship phenomenon, a national benchmark.

example: monthly effective sales of 1000 yuan, the cash bonus 40 yuan, one month effective sales of

4, Fifth Street Mall, new year sale zone, 48 pounds,

technology start-ups in the past two years, in the field of the Internet with the basic international standards, and even in some areas leading, here in Zhongguancun can spy on the current bubble and trends.

has business street coffee is hot or cold already, see.

dear League member:

note red linktech checked by month data, unified.

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Research Institute of some Internet companies regularly publish salon in Zhongguancun, O2O, IP, Internet banking, fresh electricity, big data, is the most popular theme, including guest outlet for young entrepreneurs and scholars and research institutions. Activities full of venues, according to the agenda at 9:30 in the evening, the excitement of entrepreneurs who habitually followed the guests chat to nearly 10 points.

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in China’s more than 100 high-tech zones, Zhongguancun most in line with all sectors of the imagination of science and technology park.

launched the "Spring Festival sales awards not capped" Award activities, prepared for you a large cash reward red envelopes,

2016, O2O venture tide receded, the Internet financial conference into technology, finance or block chain conference, artificial intelligence, VR, unmanned driving, become the new hot vocabulary activities.

7, Fifth Street Mall welcome new year sales award is not capped!

twenty-first Century economic report on a recent visit to Zhongguancun business street, the popularity of the peak has passed, more than 200 meters long street, still is the entrepreneur of the holy land, can see the parties to come to visit the office or in the cafe, and discuss the project business people still, just discuss the high-frequency words, from last year’s O2O into artificial intelligence P2P, science and technology into finance or block chain.

City, another 20 yuan reward cash, a red envelope!

2, Fifth Street Mall, the most effective weight loss products limited to buy zone

in June 6th, the Tsinghua Institute of data science and other institutions set up an artificial intelligence forum. The meeting was half an hour ahead of schedule


, 1 new members receive 200 points, can be directly deducted


full 1500 yuan, then reward cash, red envelopes 60 yuan…… And so on,

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