Help others shout Taobao guest rather than open Taobao storeHuang Hua the employees are CEO

preparation 2: Decoration website

preparation 1: sourcing sourcing

this is the first webmaster web site

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

preparation 3: release merchandise

open the website Taobao compared to passengers, may be a little hard, but the money will be 1 times before you do Taobao off above, because the same goods sold after all you earn 100% Taobao customer can only earn 30 – 50%, you say this is not a long-term need also! Adhere to the open shop, not because the impulse will be anything to think twice. Well, the night is deep, the article is here, good night.

the past two years Taobao customer has been one of the many webmaster keen a Wangzhuan project, but because sh419 earlier strong K Taobao off the relevant website and Taobao customer market has become saturated situation, if you still join millions of Taobao customers that would force said "pear" great. Instead of yelling for others, Taobao is better off selling Taobao products. What do we need to do before setting up the shop? Today, the fish will explain what we need to do before we open the shop. OK, don’t talk nonsense, see the text directly,

an attractive Taobao shop always gives buyers a good impression, giving your store a lot of extra points. But because many sellers are still new, so the decoration for decoration site will definitely be utterly ignorant of many difficult, in fact we can spend a little money to find professional generation decoration, so that we can save a lot of trouble.

looking for goods for the shop is a crucial step, a good source of goods can determine your online shop performance. So here I suggest that you do not go to sell what taobao recently selling things, not because of what good goods to sell it, but to do what, tailored, familiar what sell what is best suited to their own, so we will make many detours. That supply where to find it, we can go to sh419 source network, such sites more information sources, and more comprehensive, the above can definitely find their own source of goods.

for the supply of release should be done or Taobao Wangzhuan guest friends are familiar with it, so here I will not say. Here mainly about commodity release skills, "what? Released the goods as well as skills?" on the release of goods actually inside a knowledge, a lot of time is the name of an item will affect your sales, so at the time of release of goods name must be written clearly, in addition to highlight such as: post, 100% genuine, fake a lose ten of this kind of words, these words can increase the confidence of buyers of your goods so as to have the desire to buy. In addition, the introduction of the product is also very important, and this is not much to say here.

as a manager, you are often encountered, and they feel good employees suddenly leave the situation?. When you ask them why they quit, their answer is basically the same: or the salary is too low, or that you want to have a bigger space to play. Faced with such complaints, managers are also very helpless, because in fact, the wages paid from the industry level is not low, and you feel that they have given them room to play.

that the main problem lies in what place? In fact, in the author’s view, often they have no empathy, if the staff as CEO, or employees regard themselves as CEO, what will change?.

if the staff as CEO, managers will be able to realize, not to please employees because there is a need to fill his position, but a continuous change and innovation of enterprises especially service enterprises. But most of the managers are not hiring an ordinary staff recruitment as a CEO occupation, disciplined and well full confidence and authority of psychological preparation, purely because it is just such a gap, at the same time there is such an expenditure, and there is such a clear job responsibility. The result is: first of all the staff recruitment standard of strong colors, just do their job regardless of team cooperation; secondly, the staff always feel if their full pay will return for enterprises and is not proportional, so they think that only pay the corresponding wages and effort. This is what we used to say about lack of master spirit.

typical case and, as the world’s largest web search service provider shlf1314, is to encourage employees to free Entrepreneurship in fact is a kind of spirit of CEO, just don’t call. In early April this year, the company launched four

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