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Sohu 2015 "contest new recruit" entrepreneurship competition is sponsored by the Sohu, the national university student entrepreneurship competition, since its inception in November 2014, the whole lasted more than two months. Competitors can 1~3 team, based on Sohu rapid station cloud platform to make their own WAP station and APP, through the actual flow of operations to achieve profit or entrepreneurial goals.

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, in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan four division more than 200 college for creative works, through the layers of screening, flow vote competition, regional PK links, finally from the national 5 strong team decided to enter the finals, they are from the Beijing division of Eros, Guangzhou division "AnD", "dormitory to buy" Wuhan division "about tablets", and in Hangzhou the "beauty easy", the product covers the social service, vertical O2O, electricity providers and other community multiple directions.

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has been more than 100 years since Frederic Taylor published the principles of scientific management in 1911, but there are still some companies sticking to the old management theory.

start-ups are extremely likely to die young. Most entrepreneurs think this kind of thing will not happen to them, but the truth is, according to the Harvard Business School lecturer’s Gauss Shikhar, · Ghosh a recent study, about 75% of start-ups will lose the first battle.

is that the scientific management approach focuses on forecasting, and if you can make predictions in a stable environment, that’s good. Unfortunately, most start-ups today are not operating in a stable environment. These start-ups need to develop new products and introduce new services. What they are taking is an open road of development, and there is no map to guide them.

, fan made the opening speech," he said. "The Sohu has only a year’s history since the team was formed last year. The present day enterprises settled in the number of home in the 500-600 scale, by the end of 2014, there have been more than 10000 site in the station on the Sohu fast operation, including more than 20000 commercial websites and more than 400 community website. Fan Gongchen said that the development of Sohu’s "fast station" was also achieved

competition through entrepreneurship training + entrepreneurship PK match form, the use of fast station platform, help business students understand and master the basic elements of entrepreneurship, cultivate the spirit of innovation, to find business opportunities at the same time, the effective integration of entrepreneurial resources, training and running in the entrepreneurial team.


guests and entrepreneurial team big picture

Eric · Rees Eric Ries, entrepreneur, is also "lean enterprise" The Lean Startup author of the book, he said in a recent interview: "many companies often fail because of such problems, and these problems in my opinion are avoidable."

contest lasted two months, training 200 college students team


Since the start of

"as long as the stability can not be met, then the scientific management theory of the early twentieth Century will not apply to today’s start-ups."." Said Rees. "It is not because the theory itself has any problems, nor does it mean that the people who put forward the theory lack it, just because this theory is not suitable for the world we are full of uncertainties today."."

management responsibility

why should we abandon the scientific management law,

scientific management law is the first theory to introduce scientific thinking into the management process. It is mainly applicable to the manufacturing industry in the early twentieth Century, and can improve its economic efficiency and productivity. The theory focuses on motivating employees through rewards and rewarding activists at work.

Sohu 2015 "contest new recruit" business competition day in Beijing before the curtain falls, 5 teams from Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Guangzhou PK in the final, and ultimately from the Wuhan division of the 90 team "about the defeat of the four road movie" Master title, "dormitory buy" team won the runner up, "the God of love" third.

has been able to drive start-ups to improve productivity and eventually to succeed through efficient resource allocation, and Rees is a top player. Rees and I discussed the challenges facing such a start-up, a huge and often overlooked challenge, namely, the question of managing responsibility.

do that? Research shows that managers’ incompetence and lack of management experience are the two most dangerous signals, and these two scenarios may indicate that your start-up has been in crisis.

, but is that really a good way,

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Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in the headquarters of the Sohu Sohu media building, capital sonhwa shift starting point fund founding partner Qu Weidong, union Deputy Secretary General of the National University Social Sciences Award marketing organizing committee chairman Zhang Junling, the origin of investment partners king Xiao Ying attended and served as guest awards. Sohu a Sohu group vice president Fan Gongchen, director of the automobile division technology, Li Shaopeng technology center of Sohu media products manager Chen Hao, Sohu media products technology center stand products responsible person Weng Xiaoqi, media products center fast station chief designer Zheng Qingyu.

entrepreneurial high gold content, a number of angel investors pay close attention to

Rees’s research shows that successful start-ups are often four pronged, >

"At the beginning of the

awards guests photo left: Fan Gongchen, Zhang Junling, Qu Weidong, Wang Xiaoying

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