The most common patterns of making money in China’s Yalong River NetworkThree profit models for read

actually, the student is read the business model and the Boku of an identical nature. So far, the website provided by all authors or publishers for e-book duly authorized, and has 250 thousand contract content resources, covering all disciplines, with thousands of monthly rate increase.

most people are doing this, as long as there is traffic to make money, is the network’s most important and most common online profit model. One is through the advertising alliance, and the other is the advertiser’s direct selling. At present, China’s reputation and strength of the better advertising alliance: sh419 advertising alliance, shlf1314 advertising alliance, Ali mother League, Sogou advertising Union, Youdao advertising union. The website owner chooses the right advertiser through the advertisement alliance platform, and enhances the revenue by playing the advertisement advertisement, simultaneously saves the massive network advertisement sale expense, easily changes the website visit amount to the income. Most personal websites do this by hanging other people’s ads.

According to

in recent years, the development momentum of domestic reading websites is hot.

, there are some large portals, there will be their own advertising sales team or advertising agents, such as Sina, Sohu, ifeng, etc., the first page of a text, a day to charge 10000 yuan. Most of our crazy English training camps are acquired through advertising via Internet channels. I’ve talked to them about all English and educational websites, such as 24en and kekenet, all of which are English language portals. Their main advertising revenue is direct advertising by Alliance advertising and advertising vendors.

, for example, when you login to and you can see that there will be a lot of icon beside the portrait of VIP members, , red diamond, yellow diamond, diamond and so on, these are the difference between paid and free, of course, if the business will pay the cost of opening the intersection intersection. Typical example: Alibaba China B2B website model, the introduction of integrity fees. There are also some key information about talent websites, e – books, dating sites, online movies and so on……

according to the idea of Wang Donglin, the student is read electronic books will be transformed into a professional portal, goal is to become China’s largest electronic journals, e-books, reading and communication sales network platform, >

if we don’t do English training now, our crazy English website do alliance advertising and others related to English advertising, every month at least twenty thousand of the income, because we are industry portals, Alexa is now ranked sixty thousand, the flow can also be.

"Boku" mode

this investment is undoubtedly very alarming, but Wang Donglin is not worried that they will repeat the tragedy of Boku net. The passage of time. The same road was closed in 2000, because the number of Internet users and consumption habits were not yet available. But now, regardless of the mode of reading, the website can be profitable."


two: profit pattern, SMS, MMS customized ringing tone download electronic magazine subscription and other value-added form < >

registered membership fees, offering differentiated services with free members

China Yalong has just returned to Shanghai today and is dead tired. Home for the new year, my family is in the countryside, there are relatives and friends asked what to do now, China Yalong said I do network marketing, they are all don’t understand, China Yalong said that through the Internet to make money, sell things online. Explained half a day. One of them asked Chinese Yaron how to make money online, ah, this person said to never understand the Internet is impossible. China Yalong has also done Internet marketing for four or five years, and on this issue of several common network making money model.

although Beijing is not the student’s Internet Co, but chairman Wang Donglin did intend to use a big, to prove that he is the real "Internet man".

data show that the network Bo was founded in the end of 1999, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, its business model is the introduction of press electronic copyright of all kinds of books, and electronic books for users to pay to download. In 2001, the site eventually made ends meet and was forced to close down. The incident caused a great sensation at the time.

"although the scholar has never done the Internet, but in the field of e-book research and development has ten years of history, now access to the Internet at the right time."." On the eve of May, with Wang Donglin to accept the "Financial Times" interview. In his view, a new stage full of great business opportunities was slowly opened in front of him.

Wang Donglin intends to spend money to build a scholar to read the website du8, for the scholar company in the field of Internet to establish a banner. In the past two years, the UOML standard initiated by the scholar company has become the only document operation standard in the world. Since then, it has established the leading position of the scholar in the core technical field of the software industry. Now, Wang Donglin will obviously want to pace farther.

not long ago, Shanda announced a $100 million increase of $three from the cmfu, a wholly-owned acquisition of China, a year ago, demonstrating its extreme optimism about the prospects for reading websites. Another literature huanjianshumeng site was collected from the bag TOM. By Sina, Hongxiutianxiang other study sites have also become a large class of a new round of capital chasing target.

and the above network original novel as the main content of the website is different, Wang Donglin scholar read, but chose to encyclopedia e-books as the content of the traditional way. In the past, take this kind of mode is "Boku net" and related websites are mostly ended in failure.

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