Case analysis of A5 is how to teach us to reduce website bounce rate


website theme, let the unfamiliar users for the first time with the website


I have been to many previous

forum, found that the contents of the forum is actually very good, but the web page making too gorgeous, a time to let me at a loss, even do not know what is the theme of this forum, I have no help, if not on the same day I quite free, I would choose to shut down the site for the first time, this give us a wake up, no matter what our website construction, should as far as possible will your site’s theme is present in the shortest period of time, such as A5 is the webmaster industry, a web page, can feel a heavy IT atmosphere, the site straight to the point, let the user know the website type.



is a website, especially an information website, direct tool to attract users to let him not to jump out of the website is the website of high quality content, this is the king, after all, people come to your website is to see the learning experience, if there is no electricity to work all is some online casual search can get something, a long time who will come to your website. A5 at this point is very good, basically each column every day there will be 10 articles updated, and the quality is very high, all the latest skills or knowledge, the usability is very strong, not only that, A5 also set up under the daily articles related reading, for Adsense "divergent thinking", learn more relevant knowledge.

A5 as a domestic fire than the head of the forum, forum, collection of information, trading in one, to maximize the service to our webmaster, let us hang grass with free construction site webmaster learn. But the effects of A5 are not limited to this, the website everywhere embodies Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, such as how the layout of web pages, such as how to effectively reduce the site bounce rate, we can learn from the A5 construction at the same time, also some inspiration can be obtained according to the master station, especially after the recent revision of small A5 I feel useful, the greater the viscosity, below I combined with A5 to talk about the specific, A5 is how to teach us to reduce the rate of jump out of the site.

content supplement timely, novel to maximize meet user needs

and sometimes the grassroots webmaster do not know when they need the knowledge of what is set in the column, or is the time not easy to find, this time we can use intelligent search, search keywords they need.

is important A5 navigation column is clear, can generalize the process of establishment of accurate link in the operation, as is the actual operation of the process of experience, Shanghai dragon is our content and the Chain Construction issued notice, it is easy to use, can effectively reduce the user bounce rate.

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