301 steering and canonicalization

why do web site to


is a website to all these domain names. As with other company贵族宝贝 domain name, domain name can turn to company贵族宝贝.

301 to

What is


?In addition to the URL


?301 to

wrote a canonicalization, strange company Mr. Liu suggested further discuss the 301 turning / redirect. Here is my understanding of the 301 turn in the application of search engine optimization.

When the

and so on.

301 to

Why do you use



specification introduced in front of the problem, there are many situations need to do turn. For example, for the protection of copyright, a domain name you have different TLD:

(or called the 301 redirect, 301 jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another.

page A 301 redirect to page B, the search engine can certainly change the position of "A permanent, or that does not actually exist, the search engine will be the" B as the only valid target. Benefit is the first.

Apr 12th, 2006

« noble baby News – Chairman Schmidt’s visit to the 302 noble baby and URL hijacking » 301. Turn and standardization of

you registered company name or domain name longcompanyname贵族宝贝, but too long, you also registered the domain name for users to remember lcn贵族宝贝, one family domain, another can turn to the main domain name.

site steering method mainly includes: 301 to 302 JavaScript, steering, steering, steering PHP/ASP/CGI, META REFRESH META web page refresh, etc.. 302 to may have problems URL. Other methods are common methods of cheating, certainly not to say that can not be properly used, the method itself is not wrong, but was cheating with more, search engines are very sensitive to these suspicious steering. Why risk it.


other common status code including 200, said everything is normal, can not find the "404, 302 temporary steering, etc..

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