Common problems updating algorithm and some experience to share the love of Shanghai

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followed by K home page, this problem is relatively rare, but not, I am a leuconychia station station, just a year old, recently pick up time last Thursday to update the page without K, second days at home without a return to normal, when this is K, the webmaster can the first update, observation of 1-3 days, cause analysis, for example, a recent period of time there is no hanging black chain, website is normal, the chain is recently issued a series of delete and so on! Why not enumerate here!

how to solve the first snapshot stop more and snapshot snapshot for this problem? Our website weight is the weight of high standing, the snapshot day update, but generally is the next day, so the website snapshot, don’t say your site more outstanding, at least a little you have to site is normal! For a snapshot a day web site when we do the optimization more handy, such as: the exchange of Links! To love Shanghai to stop or update snapshot snapshot of this problem, you can go to love Shanghai complaint center, complaints, no accident, second days is a snapshot of

last day Shanghai suddenly appeared short search errors for this problem! Love Shanghai official response is "said the ongoing large-scale promotion and algorithm revision", as a webmaster, especially some small and medium-sized website stationmaster, every adjustment of love Shanghai will bring a series of problems, such as: to us stop, snapshot snapshot, the home page is K,

, thank you! included reducing and so on!We how to solve


station! ! !


finally included reducing the problem, here for example, there are pictures and the truth (see Figure 1, figure 2), I also love Shanghai station April 24th update, included sharply reduce, I took a look at the friend’s station but also some people like me, I didn’t do nothing but update, too a few days back to normal, here to remind you that we encounter this problem, do not think that is what to do with myself and then mad Oh chain chain, usually a day or a few articles updated this problem after a day update dozens, this approach is not good! It is best to observe next, really can not restore it, then adjust the

face these problems? This is to share with you today, I first write soft, birds do not spray

when more than one year of stationmaster, the first time to write text, shortcomings of the exhibitions! Finally offer a sentence to the webmaster friends, love Shanghai to optimize the thought the intervention is relatively large, focus on user experience, user experience well, ranking will go up! You can see the search keywords top of the user experience is very good

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