The website to win at the starting line new articles released outside the chain



from the beginning of the second day, as long as the site of the update, and each article released a chain, the chain should cooperate with their own sites have been ranked keywords or long tail keywords, so that we can guarantee to enhance the site’s ranking, this is.

well, then update the kitten today win at the starting line column, this column by Kitty TV sponsored, has the exclusive publishing rights, please continue to focus you buddy cat TV wonderful other reports, here are funny, fun, good information buddies, ahem, do not miss ah! The cat pull a little far, now back to the topic, the cat daily vernacular, go up

the number of the chain do not know too much is too much, chew, line on the website a day is enough, but the chain form is wide, is not much, this problem before the kitten in the article said, do not know the buddy can go to look at. The cat here will not say.

: go to high weight website published outside the chain of

content of the chain must be original, even write a 200, 300 words, also want to write their own original, this should be prepared in advance, in front of the original article on issues that have released the kitten.

two: the chain number

kitten to remind is necessarily high weight, with links to the web site is the best Forum web site, so you can also add a signature, although the signature is less useful, but a chain is also good. To good account in advance, do not go to temporary registration account, so in the account up to spend a long time, the buddy is too The loss outweighs the gain.. In fact, the chain resources is easy to find, as long as they are usually more accumulation, but also in other webmasters or webmaster group (such as the A5 Adsense nets with other Buddy) to discuss the exchange, so the accumulation rate of the chain resources is quite fast, because sharing is the best way to progress, if not important as the chain resources, so new sites can do the seconds or hard to say.

site to the space and basic structure of the database, upload set up, website update released, immediately went to the high weight site outside the chain, or love station, webmaster tools query site information (which is outside the chain of high weight). This step is very important, buddy do not mistake.

Three: the chain

four: follow the chain

fourth website to win at the starting line when it comes to the new station column kitten the preparatory work, regardless of whether you are doing business or personal station station, is to do service or sell products, as long as you do the optimization work cannot do without these kittens. So, in the future how to update the website published outside the chain? This is the cat web site to say the column to win at the starting line.

After the

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