To fall in love with 6 functions the guards will provide the acceleration Haiyun

4, structured data submitted: ensure the structured data search engine more quickly included in the site.

news, is expected to accelerate the love Haiyun 6 functions, each function completely grasp grass root webmaster psychology, from the collection, the search results show that many functions are from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, each function is very attractive, the two departments merged with


1, automatic submission: automatic notification of a search engine delete chain chain, avoid love Shanghai to search for expired content.

6, the website automatically notify search engine website, cloud acceleration will automatically notify the search engines, to update the index data.

Lu Songsong

5, the new love Shanghai: new website access cloud acceleration, can quickly obtain love Shanghai grab, included.

2, sitemap automatically submit: ensure the search engine grab more comprehensive, timely, comprehensive, leaving the site quality content.


3, the original search engine protection: to protect your original content, to prevent copycat catch up from behind in search results.

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