The reason to search engines on the webmaster subject

traffic rank is the webmaster unremitting pursuit, from the date of establishment, the webmaster was put into search engine optimization, seems to now become owners of the God, love hate, all carefully please. The site is now flooded, everyone in the optimization, the webmaster is not to think about why this is subject to a search engine? The reason, Xiao Bian think to remove those factors of environment do not say, we talk about the reasons of their own, in fact is the webmaster its execution is very short.

optimization is the starting point of this tool is to use a search engine to improve the ranking, so rely on search engines, but only the search engine rankings is the most intuitive, there is a webmaster have yet to find other effective ways to promote. But the ranking does not bring direct profit, to promote the effective use of user is very important. Do not think the execution is to do the chain of writing. Is a website user experience and website culture, Xiao Bian called it the soft power of a website "". For example, public relations ability, customer service quality etc.. The field of electronic business, the most effective psychological trend. The public’s sense of identity is crucial to other users of the guidelines, which also embodies one of the public relations website. We can say that many people are by others.


, luck

search engines to be updated, or policy changes, many owners will not consciously waiting for the examination very upset the search engine on the web, the fundamental reason lies in the personal problem of execution, not in place, not hard, or cheat, work has flaws, only uneasy. The search engines do not respond well, the more you want to please it, the more investment optimization, this cycle will only get into optimized in order to optimize the cycle, the natural site is very easy to fall into a narrow development mode. So the webmaster or checks from the source, each step of the work should be down-to-earth, intense network development situation, any chances are not only to cultivate their own webmaster, strong execution, work can do everything in place on the website of the work have enough confidence, know the search engine will come to patronize, will be less subject to the search engine.

we all know, the search engine ranking update snapshot, there are certain rules, see many new Adsense website haven’t loved Shanghai included, began to blindly increase optimization efforts, can scarcely wait, but on the contrary, psychological dependence on the search engine in the case of a blind hair get out of hand. Even heard of some owners said the whole thing is to write your own search engine watch. If a novice webmaster can search some relevant information, early on the search engine rules and preferences, the details are found clearly, can avoid blind futile behavior. So a webmaster of the executive power is related to the level of the initial positioning station, execution determines your will for you to work to pay as much as

two, the work of the blind

three, narrow the execution of

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