The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking

preferred, anchor text is best not to chain all point to the home page, the anchor text keywords many webmaster friends write with the home page to optimization, in fact I have talked about in the first place in the main chain is a natural grasp of the principle, we do within the chain the purpose is to help users to search. Engine spiders better grab to related content, when the anchor text of the best design and the related classification column page or the content page link, not all point to the home page, so it is easy to optimize cheating.

finally, when you write into the website must pay attention to the long tail word.

first, construction strategy analyzing of the article page in the optimization of the chain. The chain is we must pay attention to the site optimization strategy in the optimization process, the author thinks that the chain is to attract the spider to access for effective channels, increased access to the entrance of the second spider, the chain is to enhance the user viscosity increase user for the relevant article reading to enhance the user experience a force, here the author of their own to the site within the chain and we discuss in detail.

first, we know that with love Shanghai algorithm upgrade and large-scale cheating website Keywords tag keyword stuffing now have almost no set meaning, but some commonly used label content of a website or to be concerned, H1, STRONG and other labels, these labels for the key content of the article in emphasis, to highlight the website the Title is "

how to enhance the user experience of the website to get into high quality?? long tail optimization is undoubtedly a point when we must grasp the details of the creation of the article, the author suggested that before every write an article, we first analyze what is the theme of this article, to provide what is worth the information for the user, combined with the background data analysis tools, through other search keywords expansion and analysis, so that we can stand in a user’s point of view to writing.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er daily will do the work of the present love Shanghai for the user experience requirements continue to improve, I think now we do website optimization can not only rely on the chain optimization for the emperor and content is king strategy, when the author believes that the user experience is the winning era, love in Shanghai in 2013 for his big several times I obviously feel the upgrade algorithm, how the user experience success under the premise, combined with the optimization idea to content with the chain to make optimization work more efficient, good gossip short continued, we enter the theme of today. The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking.

second, recommended to set Web page tags.

then, for the value of the best original articles indicate the source and the source at the bottom, a lot of friends like collecting or copying others article, it can effectively prevent the problem without copyright after the acquisition website, copyright and appropriate link can derive good website weight.

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