The important role of the site map to search engine of Shanghai Dragon

site map, of course, if the search engine can search all of these pages you record that is the best thing, so we need to do some good to optimize the site map of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

Why is

summer, the owners will struggle as soon as possible to find the hearts of the cool land, etc.anyway, today we discuss about the important role of the site map of the search engine of Shanghai dragon.

4, if you link to the site for some reasons such as link failure has been unable to get the original link, you can do to an error page needs at this time, the wrong turn page you can also give full play to your imagination to do more beautiful

6, the indirect help > Search

2, for Google, love like Shanghai search engine to provide a "green channel" can browse the entire site links to make the search engine spiders, can quickly included website main page, for example, the home page, page and page

site map to the search engine of Shanghai dragon so important? Give an inappropriate example, like the search engine is a very hungry man, when he came to a restaurant to eat at this time, his exact food, but in the face of many food, is not in need of a menu to clearly know what I want to eat what? Where "menu" is the site map today we want to explore.

second HTML format than XML Sitemaps little trouble spots. Need webmaster to do a site map page alone, and at the bottom with "site map" of the text, so that the real meaning of "map".

After done so the search engine can clear links to all pages of your site in the Site map

3, if you search for some articles or information users have on your website, you need to have a list of pages or have already checked. If none of these procedures, then you need to do a text link to a page and this page is available to all the contents of the query link in order to tell the user how to find the information they need.

with help

first site map on the XML format to be compared with some simple, you can directly download a software on the Internet and then use the software to generate submitted to the major search engines can.

The specific steps are as follows:

5, this point is very important, you can in the site map text and hyperlinks mentioned you to optimize the main keywords, to help search engines to identify

is now the site map there are two kinds of commonly used format, a XML format, the other is HTML format,

1, we need to introduce a short text for each page links, it can prompt the content of this part is about what the.

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