The Taobao product search system category attribute the logic behind the architecture

] Taobao core tip with millions of businesses and more than 1 billion of the number of goods, how does it allow users to accurately locate the product you want? Behind it has a strong technical support.


background category is relatively stable, can not delete >

just on the line, the amount of goods rarely, no classification. Later, the amount of goods on the 100, began to have a single class of goods, somewhat similar to the current level of industry category.

The most important category in the background of

tree leaves is the category of categories, the tree can’t be divided by categories, any goods must be mounted to the back leaf category.


is currently online commodity number more than 1 billion, how accurate he wants to help users find the commodity? After years of exploration, Taobao through the establishment of a complete set of Category attribute system, finally solves this problem, today we work together with you to talk about Taobao’s Category attribute system.


category has the following characteristics:

today’s Taobao Category attribute system mainly consists of the background, foreground category, category tree tree mount category mapping relationship between management platform in the later category leaves the commodity attribute and category management background template, the overall structure is as follows:

A little bit of history and architecture of

leaves the mount attributes category template, after posting merchandise selection category according to the attribute template, commodity attribute information supplement required, can be successfully uploaded goods.

2003 Taobao


can be seen from the figure, Taobao Category attribute system is one of the very basic data services, businesses in the release of goods on the page and select the background category upload commodity information, the details page crumbs on the way to the user display product belongs to the foreground category, on the search results page allows users according to the selection of the commodity category. Business students can through a management background to manage the mapping relationship between the background before the category and the background category attribute template.

background category for businesses, mainly used for the classification of goods and property management. See the following businesses upload product is the background category, figure:



when the goods 10000, single commodity classification has been unable to meet the demand, began to have multiple classification is a category tree. From the beginning of the 06 year the property, in accordance with the business users can fill in the template attribute attribute according to the attribute selection of goods.



to 08 years, began to separate the front and back categories, users according to the category selection of goods, commodity businesses will be linked to the background category, establish a good mapping between Taiwan before and after the category tree.

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