The third party blog do people say that the chain little two

two, the blog

1, according to the website of F type structure.

a lot of friends directly apply to their blog posts, there is no matter the structure of the blog, this also need to pay attention to their own website, blog, you have to consider the preferences of spiders from various aspects, make perfect structure and increase friendly search engine, the spider crawling frequency more, affect your blog on your website more.

blog style choice needs to match with your center, for example you are doing commentary, the Kawai style > sure

, a title, description of the set

three, blog style

note 2, navigation

blog as an independent site, so we want to write his title and description. The title and description of the blog title and description, this is the central idea of a website, can let the spider do you see this blog is what to do, the center needs to be consistent with your own website, that is related to understand the core of the spider you express. Some blogs can set individual blog domain, so also modified, to Quanpin way to standard to the center of your blog.

Sure there are some output

some people have doubts the third party blog has navigation, it can be said that every blog has a list of categories, the classification is equivalent to navigation, navigation is set above the need to pay attention to the core of the word must be around the core word is your blog, website, such as your site is doing in the workplace, so your navigation is also true, such as workplace health, workplace workplace emotional talk, etc..


3, remove excess output

in the "third party blog do people say that the few chain (a)", we mentioned the blog to find suitable for our choice of third party blog. Jason in this article and we will talk about the blog site optimization. The third party blog is when in a web site, how to adjust the structure, to increase the content of his blog friendly.


blog also need to follow the type F website, the position of the left than the right, above than the following important. Then we need to re blog format, in the blog background have layout, I agree with the "two column 3:1" settings page of the 3/4 log, head Links etc. in the right information accounts for 1/4, this structure ensures the important position, we can refer to the various Shanghai Longfeng Daniel independent blog layout.

Adjust the structure of the

the default template, such as the recent visitors, so are these things can be removed, you can see the background, there is no need to put in a blog, you often visit to the people there, let his recent visitors list appears you’re good.

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