Yue Huai marketing in the blind in the perceived intentions hidden unique originality

almost all beer manufacturers advertising highlights are highly consistent — only our beer production is "the most pure"

hasn’t finished, Claude · Hopki also found that when the groundwater is pumped out, Xerox production process to these provisions in beer heating of water into steam, and then cooled until freezing – you know, at the time of distillation equipment is very expensive. This process must be repeated three times to remove impurities in the water, to ensure the purity of water used for brewing beer. And the factory every day must be clean distillation equipment two.

The He also found that

seeingbelieving, carefully after the visit, Xerox beer every production process is Claude · Hopki to Xerox Edmunds beer management asks, "why don’t you put the whole production flow to tell consumers?"

In 20s the

"why don’t we do this?" Claude · Hopki said: "although.

in addition, final packing of each bottle of beer through high temperature steam sterilization 4 times, to ensure that all kill microbes and bacteria; each batch of beer must be tested before delivery, to ensure that both pure alcohol and beer, and then bottling output.


management did not think Claude · Hopki actually made this let people laugh, said: "these are the most basic requirements for beer production process, beer production process all is so produced, so despite fierce competition, all manufacturers are not put it as the focus of our! Why are you doing this?"

Claude · Hopki first surprised to find that in 5 years we have conducted 1623 Xerox beer experiment, finally found the best fermentation formula.

, Xerox Edmunds beer production plant is located in Michigan lake, while the lake is clear, without any pollution, but they are still in the lake two drilling depth of 500 feet (about 152.4 meters) of the artesian well, in order to obtain no pollution of groundwater.


in order to change yourself just passable sales, we employ well-known beer Xerox marketing guru Claude · Hopki as a marketing consultant. Claude · the first thing Hopki did despicably common ordinary – he personally to this beer factory visit Xerox beer production process. But in the usual study he found a series of promotional highlights:

When the United States propaganda hot

century, American beer market competition is very fierce, according to statistics, Xerox beer (Schlitz Beer) in its market share accounted for only fifth.

of Michigan lake scenery (network picture)

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