Web page layout optimization techniques easy to improve the user experience

website is the website to the user’s first impression, the home page layout starting from the theme, navigation, content and other aspects, to love Shanghai below the Wikipedia page for page layout analysis.

homepage layout theme, navigation and content also need to pay attention to the size, web page open speed and Links arrangement etc..

two, website page layout design


with the search engine algorithm constantly changes, what is the best way to website optimization webmaster topic. In fact, many web site optimization means just auxiliary force, really improve the website user experience is the best site to help the long-term stable development. Many factors affect the user experience of web page layout is undoubtedly a very important factor.


In addition to the

home page is the core of the website, home page theme is the main center website. Home page topic let users easily understand what is the web site. The theme of the title, description, keywords on the site, one of the most important is the title, users in the search engines to see search results is the title of your website and content description. For example, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, the user through the picture content and know how to love Shanghai is Chinese encyclopedia encyclopedia, and encyclopedic knowledge and services covers an area.


site navigation can be seen as the classification of the site content, the content of the website segment, according to individual demand with users choose to view the corresponding column page. Web page navigation to achieve a clear classification, navigation column not repeat. Shanghai love Wikipedia page navigation do very well, we can learn about.

home page navigation


this paper here said the website page contains a column page and website >



home page content


, a web page layout design

arranged your home page navigation can be a web page content layout design. The content of the page layout of the site’s users should first group carries on the demand analysis, the user focus content is placed in the most important position on the home page. According to the general user browsing the page content distribution according to how important content from upper left to lower right arrangement. It is the most important content should be placed in the position of the top left, and the least important of advertising or content can be placed in the lower right of the page.

in the home page, page theme is also reflected in the logo and website title. Accurate generalization of the home page is a good theme to help users choose their exact requirements have web site.

home page theme

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