How to make your own website optimization in 2016 Shanghai Dragon technology to keep pace with the t

today is the first working day after the Spring Festival, think of yourself in the optimization work in 2015 visible before the eyes, time goes by, wait for 2016 is coming, as the Shanghai dragon Er whether we are ready for a new challenge, new year this is a popular phrase, to a new the year must have some new changes, Shanghai dragon Er our optimization should be continuous innovation for the new year, so, how we want our Shanghai Dragon technology continue to achieve self transcendence?

first, the optimization of the details of its 2015 Qucuqujing summary. I saw the two station own keywords ranking remained stable in Shanghai love home before three, is a little relieved, so I used this article mainly analyzes the optimization strategy of 2015 today, is also worth to retain, such as the long network of my favorite contributors, the quality of the chain carefully these are to release, I think that we should adhere to, and some outside the chain of low quality, sometimes lazy do false original article, this mode of operation in 2016 really should quit the stage of history, I think it is very important to optimize the summary, open the first day of work we do not rush to the site for optimization. Their ideas comb, find their own optimization problems in the process I think is the key to lay open the optimization work.

third, pay more attention to optimize the search engine itself some news. We do at home most of the search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai through continuous development and gradually improve their lot to optimize the details, such as the love of Shanghai in order to facilitate the webmaster, build a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, continue to launch in the sea search engine optimization white paper, these are some of the adjustment through these platforms their gradual inform to the majority of owners, and we make love Shanghai optimization must understand these optimization details and rules, so on search engine itself is that we understand the search engine dynamic, targeted to develop optimization strategies of.

fourth, the real optimization experience from the practice of summing up. We know that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, the Shanghai dragon thinking, does not mean these optimization concept many times because of the pink of perfection, the industry is different, the optimization of thinking be quite different, so, as a webmaster we want to upgrade their Shanghai Dragon Phoenix combat capability, mainly in the process in optimizing website >

second, to some professional platform to communicate and learn. In fact, techniques are constantly updated, so as to keep pace with the times of our optimization techniques how to constantly improve ourselves, I believe that continuous learning and thinking is very important, learning to learn from peers to other sites, Shanghai dragon Er to learn, I think the main site to study each other, why the good ranking is very stable, the optimization study of some professional Shanghai dragon Er writing, but also an important way we open thinking.

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