Keywords the webmaster can not know the ranking algorithm

in mathematics, we learned the merger of similar items in the lexicon database search factors in order to facilitate the user search experience, allowing users to get the information they want in a short period of time, the search engine will automatically be related to the content of information together, when the search to a particular word, we can find in search engine right will be recommended, these are put together, click on the guide to meet the information content of the user experience. What is recommended in the content, such as when we are in search of "apple", can be found in the related recommendation will have Jobs, at the same time because the user search frequency is relatively high, in the search engine.


keyword ranking algorithm is the majority of Shanghai dragon Er focus, whether every day in the rankings for keywords and website traffic and struggle we really know of these algorithms is

is the web site title more authoritative part, is also our web site keywords ranking optimization is the most important part of. And here also hide an important algorithm for ranking morphology. We then Title prepared for the first time that the matching degree and correlation between keywords and industry. The matching degree is to let the user search and site title related to the vocabulary as far as possible, but how to determine the consistency of it? This is related to the Chinese segmentation method of search engine, and English different phrases, Chinese expression according to the breakpoints different meaning is different. Also, we know that the database is not a search engine, the first time in front of that keyword search when users need to meet the search engine Chinese segmentation method. General is according to the comparative analysis and words to the lexicon database, and to compare the value reduction procedure automatic division of the word form, we can not fully understood, but the main reference or in the user search, so the segmentation method and user search Chinese cable connected.

The ?

first, Chinese segmentation algorithm affect the search engine "first impression".

we know the web site keywords ranking is not a separate face to be able to do a good job, it is a comprehensive skill. And the rules of the web site keywords ranking algorithm is the theoretical basis of our implementation of the guidance technology. Before I read the Dennis as long as these algorithms can promote the search engine ranking home page, but the result is unsatisfactory, because we see is not our own search engine to find. Or that in fact some operation we see the article then all subjective speculation has not been confirmed the conclusion, that many Er are Shanghai dragon according to the rules it is in a tangle, why ranking but has yet to pick up

second, combined with related principle of search engines "subjective".

today I Dennis to share is that we believe have a thorough grasp of the potential, keyword ranking algorithm is actually a smattering of.

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