Experience of novice webmaster website keywords positioning experience


have some friends positioning keywords not combined with the actual situation, although there are also some above the first consideration, for example, a company in Hangzhou to do a website of its own products, industry is indeed Beijing’s geographical location and vocabulary, their reason is Beijing’s potential customer demand for their products more, the logistics industry has now comparison of development, if necessary, they can send through the logistics. We do not know this product close to the sparse? Life products and their counterparts in Beijing also have the corresponding service. Since the potential customers in Beijing can buy locally? And the company does not consider the purchase process, others give you pay a deposit? Or do you give people the delivery distance of thousands of miles?? do not know, this problem is not resolved how customers worry? Even if we put key words in Beijing area will do. How much of the conversion rate of

. For the keyword is the best

novice webmaster to endure loneliness to supplement their basic knowledge do not know, a few days ago wrote a "novice webmaster 3 months website promotion experience" browse more than 150 weight loss, pro small encouraged, the article is mainly about some new sites for doing pre positioning keywords it is a concern, a lot of people early keywords and positioning is not accurate, so there appears to modify the replacement of the main thing, should not be combined with their own actual situation to the keyword positioning:

also has some small companies, most responsible for the network popularization personnel are not much, even a person, this is the fact that the company did not have so much money into this, but also realize the importance of e-commerce development of the Internet, so you need to be comprehensive promotion personnel.

three. Manpower according to the actual location keywords

two. Keywords combined with the actual situation of


although the Shanghai dragon contact time is not too long, but I have my own understanding of the location of key words many webmaster friends, choose keywords generally have 2 extremes, one is in accordance with the industry to locate the 2-4 keyword, the industry Chinese characters vocabulary, itself has some competitors early a few years or even ten years ago to do a website the vocabulary and ranking to the forefront, some industry profits than our weight high website many hundreds, love Shanghai after nearly 20 search query page or home page information, how much is the degree of visible competition is fierce, another is the choice of vocabulary competition degree is quite low, the total amount of information within 100 thousand -20 million. In fact, the most basic can only do the long tail word to calculate, finally spent several months to find almost no optimization search volume, a week or even to 1.2 flow said Don’t set yourself or search. In fact, the location according to their own circumstances, we think the short-term effective, around 2-3 months can choose some gold content and less competitive vocabulary, in addition to us of the human, material and other investment decision keywords positioning, suitable is the best.

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