Good optimization strategy can make Shanghai dragon Er multiplier

as everyone knows, website optimization is not only the execution of the competition is to optimize personnel, operations director of strategies of the contest, a good strategy is to optimize the website based on good operation, false or incorrect strategy is the result of the entire site to a dead end, for the entire optimization team has the extremely disadvantageous influence, or will the mission of and the company suffered heavy losses. Today the author in his own operating optimization experience to introduce several key points in the construction of the website optimization strategy.

second, building high quality "quality. "The quality includes not only add pages, pictures and commonly used plug-in is to upgrade the entire web user experience, one of the means to enhance user interaction, the content construction, the first high quality industry is the foundation of the article, and it is the core of the entire site, high quality articles can not only increase the website and weight. Is recognized by the user site to increase website viscosity and improve the site conversion rate as weight, making web promotion a possible relationship between web pages, improve the site sticky," enhance the conversion rate, in order to improve the number of pages included can also be appropriate to adopt a combination of graphic. Secondly, the relevance of a page layout. In the end of each article or do you think the right place, increase the relevance of the call, this way is to increase the site PV views, web site provides more access to the channel to access the web page spider, strengthen grab opportunities, improve the website page weight and indexed probability.

third, the weight connection construction and layout strategy. The content and direction of the outreach is any site must grasp and pay attention in large areas, we mainly talked about the content factors, the author study and all the layout and construction of the connecting weights should pay attention to those skills and strategies. The author thinks that the weight connection is divided into three levels, high quality connection bait is very simple is similar to the Admin5 soft Wailian, secondly, the high correlation between the friendship connection, finally, general related or not related to other connections. To connect the bait in their phase >

first, "the basic framework analysis and layout. The page structure, website structure must first meet the user’s browsing behavior, so the structure or lower structure structure is currently more popular. Design art including color color collocation, conforms to the website industry features to attract users to the eye, and enhance the user between each other’s heart distance. Image processing, image matching and its applications, strong background and practical application of integrated product quality and professional level in the industry. Even within the reasonable layout and distribution, even distribution of the first to end "included problems, even through the construction, clearly pointed out the important and key link for spider connection distribution, reduce the page level, convenient for users to understand the first time" the focus of publicity. "The best style uses CSS to connect an external style sheet for construction, reduce the" redundant code, enhance the speed and efficiency of open web crawling.

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