Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng positioning diagnosis report

for the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng our common everyone is very clear, and do every day, but we have no concept of a system, a common site location analysis, web page layout analysis, keyword analysis, website code analysis, URL analysis of Web site structure, link structure analysis, content analysis, analysis search engines and snapshot data, external link analysis, keyword ranking and traffic analysis, do these analysis basically can do a very good diagnosis for our website. Analysis of the one point today I want to introduce for everybody is the site of the.

any one industry we choose what kind of market determines that we can make a lot of money, but in the network we select the type of a website directly determines how much money we can do on this website, through the industry analysis we can help select the type of website to help profit. So the industry analysis is very important. Here to talk about their own views in two aspects: I give you

identified 1 types of websites,

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For we do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, we need to do is the industry doing a good grasp, makes a thorough analysis on its own website, so with the increasingly strong demand on the market is the birth of a new industry: Shanghai Dragon Phoenix diagnosis. In fact, the industry even before, but has not been singled out, before we reach Shanghai dragon consultant, Shanghai dragon guidance is do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis for our company business, are generally personal, few people out to do a separate company to do, but the optimization team A5 the Shanghai dragon diagnosis for the industry and the rise of signs. Anyway, this selection is very good, our website also really need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.


A, personal contact investigation. We have to hand over the Shanghai dragon diagnostic report in the short term, so we contact the industry’s time is not long, not be deep, but we can see that some companies do not see the place from the perspective of optimization, for example, many companies do not choose the key word of the industry, there are many industries to expand, or keywords more accurate is not more choice, some companies > root


of a website, it is impossible for us to complete the analysis just contact the industry owners, after all because we don’t know much about the industry, a lot of things are not very good grasp, because the positioning of the website analysis includes many aspects, among which the most important is the industry analysis. Resource analysis and target analysis of these three aspects, do the three aspects of industry experience is not a long time to do, so we do in the analysis of this website positioning when needed and customers in-depth communication, to determine the type of site, profit mode, user location and traffic conversion.

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