Xiao Fang on the website of the inside pages of Shanghai dragon set

page 1, Shanghai dragon set is the first element of the title, the title is the core of the page, the search engine is a judgment reference standard, related pages so that a large number of repetitive title to the end do not know which is the core of the page search engine, increasing the burden of the search engine, so this time we need to manually modify the title, generally speaking, the title should be unique, while the title must contain keywords (words of this page needs to be optimized including long tail keywords), we can reference the specific wording of webmaster guidelines, Google webmaster guidelines and love Shanghai optimization guide has a detailed description of.

in the early days of the Internet web page is considered from the aesthetic angle, but with the advent of the era of network optimization, web page layout is not considered from the aesthetic point of view, more is starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, to make search engines love, it can be said that a good web site layout the designer and the result of the combination of Shanghai dragon. In a simple Xiaofang sharing website home page (Home) how to layout, friends praise. Today is Xiao Fang to simply say the website page in the Shanghai dragon set, at the same time series will continue to update the web page layout, and also hope you can pay more attention, a lot of support:

on the website page layout of this article is to introduce the above three points, including the layout of the page when you can penetrate into these points, let us not only the content can meet the needs of users and search engines let love, remember that we do search engine optimization, is to take every detail to the extreme. At the same time, I hope everyone on this site in the layout of the page can have a better idea, with the exchange of learning, only continuous exchanges, in order to make their progress.

2, the rational use of H tags to distinguish, H tag -Heading is to emphasize the role of the H tag from the H1-H6 a total of six on the label, the importance in descending order, the rational use of H tags can be structure website well, it is necessary to point out that a page in H1 tags only once, but several other labels can be repeated, because the H1 tag is the main title of the page, a page can have a central theme.

3, "URL settings, prerequisite is your site is static, such as your page optimization keywords is Shanghai dragon, static pages / your path brings Shanghai dragon like.Heml path name for the optimization has the advantage, if you are doing this keyword blog, then you’ll use the /blog.html search engine has been related to a lot of words, we love Shanghai as an example to search for blog, we can see that love Shanghai automatically to the blog and blog links, as long as we search blog, this blog will be marked red keywords. We also found a blog path in blog is bold, URL search engine that is friendly to the good.

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