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website development process will inevitably change, even if one of the optimization of the perfect website also cannot avoid replacing the template. However, on the website, is always worrying topic: the website will drop right, I do not know when to be popular. But the fact is that so? I want to say is that the website drop right can be avoided, even in a short time to do "right" is not impossible. I love Shanghai LEE answer website also said that "effect of changes in the larger structure of the website (domain name or web structure), which led to the original URL failure, if not handled properly, will lead to the index fell sharply in a short period of time." As we know, the website is not properly, can not avoid the drop right phenomenon, even in the actual operation, many webmaster or Shanghai dragon also has deep feelings.

two: how to eliminate the negative impact of the revision of the

love answer, bear the brunt of the structure of the site is the biggest factor affecting the effect of the website. As everyone knows, the website has two main aspects: "A, B, optimize the title tags, structure template", but many webmaster for revision change or deletion of the original URL structure to replace the template in the website, but at a loss, so it is the most unfavorable factor influence on the spider. If the original A address is "xxx贵族宝贝/A /1.html", in order to benefit the optimization effect, then changed to "Shanghai dragon -youhua/1.html xxx贵族宝贝/". As a result, contrary to the search engine revision rules, it can hardly be avoided the drop right.

According to the Shanghai LEE

: what factors affect the weight revision

website, will affect the above factors have good, plus the proper optimization, revision will be down right? The revision right down entirely caused by improper revision. But in order to eliminate the "observation period", or brought after the revision of the short-term effects, or the need to make full optimization in the revision of the.

A:robots.txt, the first gentleman’s agreement crawl from search engine start. For robotst.txt settings, in the details more often highlight the optimization results, the appropriate settings can not only protect the site’s security and privacy, even can directly improve the optimization effect. The use of robots.t>

another point, in order to optimize the website of "revision title, keywords, description, this most of Shanghai dragon Er believes that once the change is directly related to the fluctuations, website ranking. Love Shanghai LEE webmaster asked answer also said: Title very important content, substantial changes will only lead to volatility, for the description tag is "we encourage you to write through the description website, just too frequent revision, may not be immediate feedback on the web page." While the keyword label, most of Shanghai dragon Er believes in "optimization of the location is not very important.

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