The website included half the chain doubled

integrated the above data, we combined with the recent release of the wind to love Shanghai, love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon 3 update algorithm, I may be able to get such a result: quality content love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon 3 algorithm is the focus of the site. What is the Shanghai Dragon 3, that is the user experience. With this statement, when the Shanghai Dragon into the 3 era, Shanghai dragon is not Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization), but the Searcher Experience Optimization (search experience optimization).


first illustrated above, there are pictures and the truth:


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search engine to start from the quality of the contents of the website, from which the poor quality of the article, which improves the quality of the site, is also reduces a lot of burden for the love of Shanghai program. We know that love is Shanghai company, the nature of the company that is making money. The love of Shanghai how to make money, it is certainly by the user. Does that mean we need to consider for the love of Shanghai search engine, how to make the best content, recommended to the user in the shortest time. So we are not in the search engine to help attract more users, improve the user experience of

recently love Shanghai collection (including included, trans, ranking) in volatility as, especially this morning found that the site included the chain fell by half, doubling the friend should have a lot of. Including the author, a dozen websites which website included hand, dropped by half, the chain doubled has several, also asked some friends Shanghai dragon, received a positive response, so, we need to analyze the.

for the website included decreased by half, the chain doubled friends, let us together with calm eyes look at love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon 3 algorithm, I believe the website user experience will be greatly improved, and I also believe that you would like to experience for users and fighting.

can be said that the "optimization" user experience is the development direction of the Internet search engine, is yearning, is the beautiful vision of Shanghai dragon industry! It is the author, or is expected to Shanghai Dragon Age 3 came quickly, only focus on user experience, to provide users with high-quality service, in order to to promote the development of the Internet, benign green (not too hypocritical). We are also love Shanghai users, we use a shorter time in the Internet network, we find that the product or service, without music for


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