The official website of how to increase the viscosity of visitors

website content update not only considering the Shanghai dragon optimization, we should also take into account the customer preferences, our ultimate goal is to customers can stay in our website, not blindly chasing the Shanghai spiders coming only love. The content of the website is a website of the soul, after all customers came to your site or to search for his useful information, so the most important thing is to provide customers with web design, high quality original content, the so-called high quality refers to the content you really see the customer after very helpful, the so-called original content refers to something you are the one and only on other sites to be found.

‘s official website or corporate website to do so in order to increase the visitor’s viscosity, we discuss from the following aspects: common


3. web interface to attract the attention of customers "

1. website to facilitate memory

Domain name address

on the increase in viscosity of the website visitors actually would want to write, but as has been busy with other things and not has yet to begin. Guangzhou Hengda football club until May 2, 2012 15:00 officially announced and the Bundesliga season defending champion Dortmund striker Lucas Ramon Barrios (full name Lucas Ramó n Barrios) formally signed, Hengda official website instantly unable to access, "prompt" Too many connections "error, the number of connections over the MySQL value set, the website met the database connection the problem, technical personnel should optimize the configuration of MySQL server. We are not to discuss the problem how to modify, I want to say is to urgently want to know the latest news of the fans is a torment. As everyone knows, the word is on the network to the organizers held a title of website established, it will reflect the website exclusive sponsor, with special authority. The official website is the official publishing platform, from which we can get the most accurate "timely" and "authoritative" information, it can not access the official website, news can not be determined, for fans only. This is very bad for the increase of the viscosity of visitors.


website address also known as domain name. Through the practice we found. Most important is concise and easy to understand, not the pursuit of individuality with special symbols. From the perspective of website optimization, website domain name: preferred site address and website theme related technique is to use the "-" symbol appears in the search engine, this is the delimiter, and can make your domain name meaning clear.

technical staff, technical oversight can be completely avoided, we will not discuss too much, we will say is closely related with the customer.

2. the content of the website to benefit

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