What kind of original articles have utility optimization

website platform but also through various channels to recruit some of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng optimization of original content writers, and give often costs only a few dollars a day, sometimes a dozen updates, spend tens of dollars. There are also hundreds of dollars each month, but the final result has not achieved good optimization effect, it seems that love Shanghai was not interested for the original content of the optimization, which makes them into a boondoggle.

Now a lot of !

first, must be able to help users of the original content will be valuable. Now many on the web site of the so-called original content is just a keyword replaced by many pseudo original software disrupt or replace synonyms, etc., let love Shanghai search engine for the original rate calculation can be drawn near the original rate of more than 90%, but this is either read very hard to pronounce, or let the reader look Yunshanwuzhao. It is difficult to know the effect of the center, it is difficult to get user acceptance. Usually the user opens such content will quickly choose to leave, this will not consciously enhance the website jump rate, and improve the rate of jump, will be on the web site of the weight and ranking will have a negative impact, which leads to the failure of website operation.

the reason why many stations in Changle this way, a very important factor is the hope that through writing the original content to improve website ranking, but we know that these few dollars of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng original content optimization and garbage often content and not what two things, a price of a cargo if all this simple truth do not understand, want to improve the quality of website content through the original method so cheap, it is difficult to work.

let’s talk specifically about what kind of original Shanghai dragon optimization articles would be valuable, so don’t let the webmaster invest money and time, come to a wrong conclusion, that is the original content for what did not help Shanghai Longfeng optimization. This is undoubtedly the webmaster of future site operation will bring huge negative impact.

second, the original content must be relevant to the website and website. This is the inevitable result of love Shanghai search engine algorithm innovation. Before a lot of the site in the update the content, correlation often do not pay attention to the content, or even to reprint some inappropriate content, as long as the current social hot spots will be reproduced or pseudo original. Although these attractive for users will have some, but some people open the professional website, pay more attention to professional content on its Web site, rather than on some hot content on current social concern. This poor correlation, also very easy to love Shanghai search engine that is cheating, which seriously affects the rise of the weights of the website. It has been since the love of Shanghai that is cheating, and how to optimize the level of website show its value

third, strengthen the original content website reprint. Many people may think that you reprint the content on the website, the website is not decisive, but in other sites on the net.

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