The station optimization quangonglve English station


two: search engine noble baby




2. link

first, the website domain name contains the home page keywords, keyword distribution to various places in the home. Of course, the key words to rich and colorful, long tail keywords and keyword collocation to use keywords in title, the best around 3 at the end, plus your website features, such as: free shipping, discount or verb fans want to promote their brand directly with domain name, description also appeared in several key words; then home. New product navigation bar, sidebar also add keywords to increase its density, but also can reduce the user experience, the key control in about 6%; and finally to the rest of the inside pages of the key word set, page keyword set within the content of the page title, the content of the keyword that label setting, as keyword may appear in the link, the model of the product name or picture can also use the keyword name, baby pictures included nobles will bring traffic. Keywords general page for the long tail, so as to compression, short and strong, at a glance. Of course, the inside pages of the title can be set to the long tail keywords + main keywords or keyword column, so clear, but to control the words.

we can’t use our aesthetic point of view the problem, we not only foreigners and geographical differences, and their customs are different with us.

content of the original but also original but no ground for blame, ah, remember we have cultural differences and foreigners to learn English? We cannot guarantee the user experience, the author believes that in writing original article, should be the first to learn authentic English, so we English combined, otherwise it may be made. Needless to say, the customer orders. If the new station may also fall into the sandbox, then calm, updated every day, a month after the estimate can out of the sandbox.

optimization of the station is to please English noble baby, optimization of this highlights some of the details of the next station.

website no dead link, which is the most basic, the anchor text here under the website page, the anchor text should be diversified, not only the chain to the home page, don’t give up other pages in order to enhance weight home page and a link to a site should be connected, so as to improve the user experience, and can to meet the requirements of the spider, Why not?. As for Links, the correlation was ranked in the first place, followed by the basic daily check of a website chain. So basically you can.

how to optimize the English station? I think to do English station optimization, at least should clarify two questions.


problem: English station consumer groups

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