Shanghai Longfeng problems research and analysis of the website Web log analysis



according to the previous analysis of the website practice first analyzes the response time of the website of the trend, as shown below:



statistics this figure can be seen in the June crawl or normal fluctuation, and the end of July crawl has increased significantly, but in August 10th began to fluctuate after no return to the original high point. At the same time around the beginning of September 8th was decreased, from this figure can be seen to do preliminary, site optimization of the grab in July 26th 10 at the same time, if it is a normal fluctuation around 11 No. 12 site should be adjusted, and the adjusting effect of the site of the spider. The site began crawling increased from September 4th, 8, also began to decline, the two time points also needs to be analyzed.

first, the response time curve fluctuation in September is very large, and grab quantity fluctuations, and the curve of the wave on the contrary. No. 4 initial response time in the fall, and grab the quantity of the website to rise until 8, the response time at the lowest point in the crawl up to the highest point of initial response time increased from 9, grabbing quantity declined, but has been reduced, and there are also ice back up, though decreased and the response time of 13 began on the site, but the amount has been dropped or crawl.

According to

from Shanghai dragon boss has started giving me: "want to do science in Shanghai Longfeng, regardless of the flow rate is up or down to know which sources, and to understand and judge these to traffic to the site must rely on the log analysis, rather than by the feeling of speculation is what factors flow change". Therefore, from the beginning to start from the data, the website data real-time monitoring, data from the site where the problem of judgment, and make corresponding changes. This is our website can have the stable development of the flow from the straight down to a rise until the rose.

site traffic has been rising very fast, but a part of the web crawl has plummeted, but the index continues to increase traffic is rising. Also because of this decrease amount of grab at the end of August, but has been confused by the former eye did not decline as a data analysis flow to capture, but also because of doing some optimization and ignore the amount of grab this one, until today that this piece of data makes a preliminary analysis here, to share a simple analysis of ideas and results for you:

The next

analysis of two from the above comparison chart:

first in order to know the specific day grabbing quantity and a big change, at the same time, there is an obvious contrast and each month, so the first log in statistics from June to September 17th every day to grab as below:

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